Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ragehammer: War Hawks (Demo 2012)

Fury Death of Steel Witch™

Review by joanismylover, the third metal attorney.

I recall a review in Decibel many aeons ago regarding Iron Sword, I think. The premise was about the name. Alone, or in combination, the following words make a metal band name: sword, iron, fire, ax, steel, witch, blood, burn, coven, ceremony, ritual, fury, death. Add “rage” and “hammer” to that list friends. And while we’re at it, add “war” and “hawk” to it, as well. Ragehammer has hammered the metal rage into this ferocious five song “War Hawks” EP that you need to get right now.

The war hawk hammer of rage bursts into our ears and leaves its rumbling wake in war burned crisp 19 minutes. These steel sword ritual furies of death give us a coven ceremony of iron witch metal blackened thrash goodness. The Rage hammers better when galloping as in the first track and the fiendishly deliciously named closer, “Gospel of the Scum”. That’s not to say the slower ritual witch ax coven pounding of “Prophet of Genocide” is not unappreciated. It is a welcome respite from the rapid-fire coven of death steel that permeates the rest of the EP.

If there are complaints, they are the usual. There is no death honor in a drums that sound like tin or like they were made on a computer. The unrelenting blood ax of sword death in each songs rapid fury would probably not hold for a long play, absent a few mid-paced stompers. But these are few. The Ragehammer mainly gallops these “War Hawks” to witch ceremony and blood death, unrelentingly steeling the witch ax for more thrash of the blackened variety. Hasten all to the hammer of rage and their hawks of war.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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