Friday, March 07, 2014

7 Metal Bands That Will Blow Your Mind

I Can Write Buzzfeed-Style Headlines, Too

I've been reading about Babymetal since No Clean Singing first covered them two years ago. Now I'm starting to read about them everywhere, and it's blowing the minds of regular people. Even my six-year-old son--who has grown up completely immersed in pop music and extreme metal--had a "WTF?" look on his face: "Why are those girls there?" You're right, son, it doesn't make any sense.

It hadn't occurred to me that Babymetal would be so interesting to non-metalheads (outside of J-pop fans, anyway). So I started thinking: What else might blow the mind of a normal person? Metalheads, this list isn't really for you: Share it with your friends.

7. Theatre of Tragedy

Sticking with the synthpop theme of Babymetal for a moment, take Norway's Theatre of Tragedy. Their albums Musique and Assembly sound like Rammstein teamed up with Madonna. What's not to love about that?

6. Apocalyptica

A video was going around not too long ago, showing two men playing AC/DC on the cello, and, again, this was blowing people's minds. Never mind that Finland's Apocalyptica started covering Metallica almost 20 years ago, and have gone on to some commercial success with original material.

5. Botanist

Speaking of non-traditional instruments in metal, Botanist uses drums and hammered dulcimer to make some of the wildest and most unnerving black metal out there.

4. Korpiklaani

There is a genre called folk metal. They play metal with the added touch of accordions, bagpipes, flutes, violins, and all other manner of things. I sometimes forget how weird that is, and the way Korpiklaani combines metal with traditional Finnish music is too fun to ignore.

3. Corrupted

Going back to Japan with the last three, because Japan is crazy, there's Corrupted. This band is the opposite of Babymetal in every way. No band photos are out there, they don't do anything with the press, and their music is so slow I bet none of you will listen to this whole song. Also, a lot of their lyrics are in Spanish for no reason.

2. Boris

Boris isn't exactly weird, per se. What makes them weird is that, even though they're the same three people, you never know what band you're going to get. Stoner rock? Drone? Dreampop? Ambient?

1. Sigh

Ah, Sigh. Japan's biggest black metal export also dabbles in crazy. Their latest album combines "black metal, power metal, sexy jazz, circus music, Middle Eastern folk, French folk, dubstep, and a chill Latin jam." Also, they have a saxophonist who dresses like a dominatrix and holds down a day job in a laboratory (she has a PhD).


  1. Babymetal is intriguing to say the least. I had a big discussion with the wife recently whether or not the band is exploiting those three little girls. Her big concern was whether the girls were being sexualized and I guess I can kind of see her point with the costumes looking like schoolgirls gone bad. Unfortunately that seems to be a big thing in Japan, at least stereotypically speaking (look at some of the more pornographic anime, etc.). I don't see it as that bad, but I may be somewhat desensitized to this kind of thing (I deal with some truly monstrous people on occasion due to my job).

  2. Sigh should be one of the biggest bands in the world. They're recent releases have been nothing short of astonishing.

    I'd add the Diablo Swing Orchestra to this. I think they've got a real classic album in them, although they haven't quite reached it yet.

    Babymetal - I'm not gonna lie I'm a bit disappointed they've exploded. I shouldn't be, but after so long defending them from the 'Not Metal' bunch suddenly they're everyone and their mums favourite band. I think when the hype dies down I'll love it again.

  3. Apocalyptica are great have to check out the other six!

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