Thursday, March 27, 2014

Summary Judgments, Volume 11

Disfigured Sub-reviews

Prostitute Disfigurement: From Crotch to Crown (2014)

I can find zero fault in this no-holds barred, high speed death metal assault. It's exactly what it's supposed to be. Take that for what you will. It’s trve as fvkk, and if that’s all you care about you will love it.

Loinen: Loinen (2012)

The sludge metal of Loinen seems to be marketed purely on obscurity. It just now struck me how absurd that is, because if it's too successful then it won't work anymore. Anyway, there's nothing especially wrong with it as far as I can tell from one listen-through. But sludge metal demands a beefy production, a demand that is not met here.

Queen Elephantine: Scarab (2013)

There's psychedelic doom, and then there's slow, aimless jamming with the occasional attempt at being weird.

One Life Animal: Sleep and His Older Brother, Death (2013)

One Life Animal have some metal in their mix, but mostly it's hard rock with female vocals. It's about 99% Revolver and 1% Decibel. I'm willing to overlook that if it clicks with me, but it's just not clicking. (Also, they sound distinctly Canadian, but not in a good way.)

Slutvomit: Swarming Darkness (2013)

I can find zero fault in this no-holds barred thrash metal assault. Yes, that's essentially the same sentence I wrote for Prostitute Disfigurement. I like both of them. Neither of them adds anything unique or especially compelling to my library.

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