Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Betoken: Beyond Redemption (2014)

Inadvertently Correct Album Title

Review by joanismylover, the third metal attorney.

I have only been to a lounge once that played "lounge music." It was fun. We lounged around. We drank cocktails. We chilled. We requested Billy Joel be played by the piano man. We tipped said piano man when he played "Piano Man." It was relaxing, fun and a good time out. I'd never do it again, but it was fun.

But it was fun in a non-metal kind of way. Metal is fun but one does not lounge while listening to it. Maybe one gets stoned, if that's her thing. Maybe she checks out for a bit and hails to the Dopesmoker or Jerusalem. But she does not "lounge." She does not chill. She will not drink fancy cocktails and listen to metal.

I've listened to metal for 30+ years now. I have also listened to Betoken's Beyond Redemption, twice. Maybe three times. I'd never do it again. It was not fun. Terminator keyboards dominate a bland affair that lacks atmosphere, heft, songwriting skill or anything remotely interesting. It was all a bit chill, despite the choppy and thin staccato riffing. Overlaying this and the programmed drum tracks is a lame talking, croning singer. I guess kudos to the attempt to make something new here. But I'm coining a new phrase here and I'm deeming it bad. Lounge metal. Opposites that do not attract. This album is beyond redemption.

1 star (for effort)

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