Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Metal Lifestyle" Products

I was contacted by someone who is starting a line of "metal lifestyle" products. Naturally, I was curious about this. What are "metal lifestyle" products? I thought, perhaps, since most of us can't collect Nazi memorabilia like Lemmy does, because it's just not practical, maybe it's Paula Deen cookware. (Get it? Because . . . oh, never mind.)

So I clicked through to find that it's a blog (a combination of a metal blog, BuzzFeed garbage, and marketing tips, I guess). It's also a clothing line. The clothes feature the logo of the blog. And immediately, I was annoyed.

It is a cool logo, yes. But it's not going to support the people who actually make the music we love. We don't wear band T-shirts only to show the world we are metalheads, but also because buying it pumps a little money into the coffers of the bands and labels that need it. I don't have a problem with people who don't make music making money off metalheads. You can write all the metal-related books and movies you want. Really, any other products are fine. But when you start horning in on the profits of the people who make music, that's a problem. Shirts, beanies, and hoodies are one of the last revenue streams that bands can still make money from. Every shirt this "metal lifestyle" blog sells is $24 that doesn't go to Pallbearer or the many fine artists of Hells Headbangers. (Not to mention, that's pretty pricy. You can buy shirts straight from Profound Lore or HH for $14-$17.)

I had the same issue a while back with someone who was posting in a Mercyful Fate group on Facebook. This person was making shirts that evoked images associated with MF and King Diamond, but didn't quite infringe on copyright. I called them out then, and I'm calling this guy out now. Though, I'm not doing it by name, because I don't want to send any traffic his way.

Don't support this kind of bullshit. Spend your black T-shirt money on the bands.


  1. This is a pretty common problem in Indonesia. I have decided not to buy from them, even if they have a Kreator t-shirt. I would rather buy a black t-shirt FROM a local band while still financially supporting them than buy a black t-shirt OF an internationally well-known band while not financially supporting them.

    1. The word "them" here refers to a "metal shop" somewhere in Surabaya, where my grandfather lives. Sorry for not telling earlier. :3