Monday, February 16, 2015

Studio Ghibli Drawings

OK, I promise this isn't going to completely transform into a poorly formatted stand-in for a Deviantart page. (Maybe I should sign up for a Deviantart, but anyway.) I still wanted to share some more drawings. I've found I really enjoy working with ink, and I'm slowly getting better at using it.

I fell in love with Studio Ghibli films more than a decade ago, and my kids and I were watching some of them over the past few days. I really love how this Totoro picture turned out. I think it captures the sense of wonder and joy the film so perfectly displays.

I'm also extremely pleased with this Spirited Away drawing. I did this one prior to the Totoro pic, and I think it's pretty clear I made some progress with my shading technique by the time I did the second one.

Finally, this Castle in the Sky picture didn't end up quite as good as I hoped. I used marker for the fire, which is fine. I just don't feel like I got quite the dramatic "camera" angle I had originally envisioned.

And, just for a sense of how I operate, here are two versions of the Totoro pic as it progressed.

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  1. The final result of the first image looks even nicer! As for the other images, they're pretty well done and look quite artistically nice. I like 'em.