Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Odd Thoughts

This was on my desk calendar on the 19th under the heading “Under Oath:”
Δ: I remember when I was in your courtroom in 1956 when you was a municipal judge.
Judge: I don’t think we should go into that.
Δ: Not guilty too.
Judge: Well, we all make mistakes, sir, but you didn’t make one.
Δ: Well, you made one. I was guilty.

An odd thought occurred to me this morning. We should change the terminology for right-handed and left-handed. Instead, we should call them pick-handed and fret-handed.
It would sound something like this:
1: “Why do you wear your watch on your pick wrist?”
2: “Oh, I’m fret-handed.”
1: “So, how do you play guitar?”
2: “I pick with my fret hand, and fret with my pick hand.”
1: “Weird.”
2: “Yeah.”
1: “So, um . . . which hand do you use to . . . you know?”
2: “No, I don’t know. You’re going to have to be much more explicit.”
1: “I don’t feel comfortable with this conversation anymore.”


  1. COMMENT'D!!!!

    Obviously you would use the fret hand to.... you know... You see, the fret hand is just better at that motion than the pick.

    I also don't feel comfortable with this conversation anymore, which means I've done my job.

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  2. You need to link to mine too, sucka.