Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I took a picture of my fiancée, Laura, over the weekend. She hates it and I understand why. The wide-angle lens enlarges her nose and shrinks her ears. In other words, wide-angles are not good for portraiture. But I look at it not as a portrait, but rather a dynamic picture. In that light, it’s actually a good picture. In any case she asked me not to post it so you’ll have to use your imagination.

This picture was taken during a lightning storm. There were no visible bolts of lightning from my vantage point, but they lit up the clouds. I used 800-speed film and held the shutter open for anywhere between 8 and 30 seconds, and I have no idea how long it was open for this picture, but it is rather interesting. The effect is eerie and looks like I used some kind of weird filter in Photoshop. It’s surprising that it turned out at all because it was extremely windy and I had to hold it open manually for a long time.

This is a skyscape picture I took near Waco, Nebraska, along Interstate 80, about an hour or more before sunset. I wish I could have stayed there until sunset because it would have been a beautiful one. At sunset I was in Grand Island, and there wasn’t a cloud in the west.

Below are some rejected pictures that I took for the cover of my book, which I hope to finish and publish some time in the next year or two. The title of the book is Feathers. There were better pictures, but I choose not to publish them anywhere. Next time I’ll know I need to over-expose the pictures to get more detail in the feathers, which are actually turkey feathers that I bought from a Ben Franklin store.

All images © 2005 Kelly Hoffart


  1. What's your book going to be about? It's titled Feathers, so I assume it's about an evil robot trying to take over a major city. Probably Los Angeles, but I just can't be sure about these things.

    And obviously at the end, Brad Pitt and Kurt Russel will defeat the robot by wailing on guitars and having sex with lots of hot chicks.

  2. That sounds like an awesome movie, but I don't think it would make much of a book. You should write a screenplay, but instead of Brad Pitt it should be Sylvester Stallone, and you could call it Tango and Cash Part II: Doomageddon. The subtitle could be "First they had to save their lives from an evil criminal gang. Now they have to save the whole world from a big freaking robot." That would be fucking sweet.

    I don't like to give too much away about my book, but it's an extremely dark (as in, it makes the first Batman look like Sesame Street) fantasy set in the real world, and angels are important, but more important are the Nephilim (half-angel-half-human types). The Apocalypse might be involved in some capacity.