Saturday, May 21, 2005


I've hijacked my first post to use as an index of my best posts, arranged by category. Those marked with a * are ones you should definitely see. Posts will open in a new window (by default) so you can come right back here when you're done.

Society and Law

Hot Coffee
2004 abortion paper
Potentially offensive question
Rebuilding NOLA
Fourth Amendment rant of frustration
NOLA and the 2nd Amendment
The 6-Year-Old Butter Knife Terrorist, Part 1, Part 2, and Conclusion
Dogs as shark bait
* Abortion and argument theory
More on abortion
Analysis of Roe v. Wade
Journalistic integrity, the story and the commentary.
Supreme Court hypocrisy
* Intelligent Design
Solution to the ID debate
Judicial philosophy
Is gay marriage more worthy of judicial protection than gambling?
* Tort reform
Reply to the Language Guy's post on sexism
* (Just?) War
The Machiavellian view
Substantive Due Process is inherently contradictory
Literature review on jury decision making
The effects of video games on aggression
Smoking Bans
"Too much?" video games
How much control should your employer have over your life?
The Mohammed cartoons
Capital punishment, part 1: morals and justice
Capital punishment, part 2: implementation
* How can gummy bears teach us how better to argue?
Euthanasia, part 1
Euthanasia, part 2
The right (not) to associate
FBI checking license plates
SAT errors
Attorney's fees
Certiorari for a Nebraska school segregation case?
Is the word "reasonable" meaningless?
Ignoring Copyrights
Portrait of a Douchebag: Pete Ricketts
What Is Terrorism?
Is terrorism always bad?
A Response to the Language Guy, on the Death Penalty


Pictures of feathers
Storm pictures
Sunken Gardens and Russell swimming
Pictures from the farm
Cool pictures of crops
More of the farm
The dogs
Finals Week
* Sioux Falls
* Lime
Bell Peppers
Keeping the doctor away . . .
* Minimalist B&W
* One more minimalist shot
Valentine's Bouquet
I've stopped posting my photography here and started posting it at Full Metal Photographer

Humor and Miscellaneous

Movies I'd like to see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
Dog Condoms
* Sex appeal sells the strangest things
* Restroom Etiquette
* Remembering Eternal Twilight
Hot or Not
* American parking habits
The return of Eternal Twilight
Constitutional Amendment
New tax law system
The Multiple Jesus Phenomenon
Giant robots
* "I wish I could do that."
* The Top 21 Inventions of All Time, Introduction, 20-16, 15-11, 10-6, and the top five.
You might need a different lawyer if . . .
Damn you Greenland!
The Duck
Referential humor tips
Cheesy bites
Good advertising vs. bad
So you want to be a blogger?
More blog ideas
A final blog idea
Wheel of Fortune theme weeks
"Men are still cavemen in the pleasures of the bed."
Aruna Soso's Sad Sad Story
Ninjas vs. Pirates
Myth vs. Fact: Nebraska
* I Declare War on Babies
29,000,000. Million Dollars
Laddman's Message
Trolling: a Tutorial

Heavy Metal

Top 100 Metal Songs, Introduction, 100-91, 90-81, 80-71, 70-61, 60-51, 50-41, 40-31, 30-21, 20-11, and the Top Ten.
Review of System of a Down's Mezmerize
Rant about how bad Staind has become
Commentary on old Motörhead vidos
Review of Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists
Review of System of a Down's Hypnotize
Review of Korn's See You on the Other Side
Omitted from the Top 100 Metal Songs
Songs that remind me of things
* Ten essential metal albums
Grunge vs. Metal
Review of Rob Zombie's Educated Horses
Review of Godsmack's IV
Top 100 Metal Songs: Redux
Review of Stone Sour's Come What(ever) May

Movies and Books

Revenge of the Sith
Kurt Russell
I finally got the wife to watch a Star Wars movie
Happy 55th birthday to Kurt Russell!
Asimov was a terrible novel writer, but I still like him

My Life

My long-time friend, Raider
My new friend, Russell and more on him
Weird dream, featuring Admiral Ackbar
* I got stung in the mouth by a wasp
F*ck you
Talking about myself for a change
Why can't I understand women? An example
Our new dog, Lily
Wedding pictures
* Depressing true story
Puppies on doggie beds! (Aaaaaawwwwww!!!)
Jumping the fence
* Restraint
Roscoe Pound and Jim Beam
Tractor Pull
If I Had a Metal Band

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