Friday, May 27, 2005

Top 100 Metal Songs, 100-91

UPDATE 1/5/2010: Check out my new list, The Top 50 Metal Albums of The Last Decade

In case you missed it . . .

#100: “B.Y.O.B.” by System of a Down
Mezmerize (2005)

I put this at the bottom of the list because it’s new, and I’m not sure how it will stand the test of time. I am sure that it would stay on the list were no songs to come out in the future. The chorus is what makes the song: “Everybody’s going to the party, have a real good time.” The harmony of Daron’s and Serj’s voices helps a great deal (although they should have turned Daron’s down in the mix), and the fact that they don’t harmonize on every chorus adds some variety. This one’s an instant classic.

#99: “Get Inside” by Stone Sour
Stone Sour (2002)

From the side effort of two Slipknot members comes this excellent thrash-fest. It has a high adrenaline factor, especially in the chorus (“Get inside, get inside, motherfucker get inside, get inside”). Corey also uses his melodic voice to give the song a bit of balance.

#98: “The Noose” by A Perfect Circle
The Thirteenth Step (2003)

Maynard James Keenan’s other band succeeded admirably on this one. Highly melodic and eerie, with a thoughtful chorus and excellent drumbeat.

#97: “Fixxxer” by Metallica
Reload (1997)

At times this one sounds like the blues, at other times it sounds unlike anything else. The lyrics and vocals are very good, and the song changes mood for a moment after the solo, and James uses rare special effects for his voice until the climax.

#96: “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie
Hellbilly Deluxe (1998)

What can I say about this one? It has an excellent syncopated beat and memorable lyrics.

#95: “Avoid the Light” by Pantera
The Dracula 2000 soundtrack (2000)

It begins with a soft chorus, moves into a bottom-heavy but slow part, then middle-paced heaviness reminiscent of “Cemetery Gates,” and then an almost-heartfelt, soft, chorus about how to stay safe when you’re dead. The balance makes it great.

#94: “Bleeding Me” by Metallica
Load (1996)

Not unlike “Fixxxer,” this one is mellow, bluesy, and haunting. This time, however, the solo comes right after the crescendo. Very good.

#93: “Counting” by Korn
Issues (1999)

This one makes you nod your head with its unusual but heavy riff emphasizing Fieldy’s bass. It goes into a high-pitched and low-key monologue by Jonathan as he says “you keep the money and the girls and the fame, I only do it for the fun, that’s my game.” Then it moves right back into the heavy beat.

#92: “Whatever” by Godsmack
Godsmack (1997)

The first time I heard this was on Conan. At that time the heavy, syncopated rhythm interspersed with high, counter-intuitive chords was very unusual, but has been copied often since. The famous crescendo of “better fucking go away” will never be forgotten.

#91: “Jumpdafuckup” by Soulfly featuring Corey Taylor
Primitive (2000)

The beginning can do nothing to prepare you for Max yelling “Jumpdafuckup!” This one has an extremely high adrenaline factor. Corey’s low verses are full of pent-up aggression, partially released by Max’s parts. “If you’re gonna fight, watcha gonna do? Jumpdafuckup!” The middle of the song only gets heavier and more aggressive as Corey starts to let his anger out. “Beat to death with a shovel” sounds like something a very, very angry person would say. At the end, the song gives you time to recover from the sonic pummeling. You better use that time; next week I return a final time to the Dracula 2000 soundtrack, and it will smash your face in. Also appearing are two more Metallica songs and a couple by the godfather himself.

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UPDATE 1/5/2010: Check out my new list, The Top 50 Metal Albums of The Last Decade


  1. You know what, Rush isn't on the list. I'm not exactly familiar with their library, so perhaps my list should be thought of as a top 250 metal songs with 150 holes in it.

  2. I recommend that Britney Spears and the best band ever, New Kids on the Block should be at least in the top 20.

  3. I'm going to ignore Khorbin, and respond to Todd. Actually, Led Zeppelin is on the list (once), but in all fairness maybe they should not be. However, I do have a reason for including the particular song.

  4. Nu-metal is vastly overrepresented on this list, and at best it is only a genre influenced by metal. There is also quite a bit of classic rock (i.e. Zeppelin). There are some true metal bands on here, but bands like Metallica also take up far too much of the list. Where are bands like: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Emperor, Death, Iced Earth, Immortal, Helloween, Manowar, Opeth, Blind Guardian, and the like?

  5. judas priest?? the metal gods??

  6. Wow, most of these are no where near metal...

  7. Oh heh, and just for the record, I personally, play about 85 out of these 100 songs on my radio show! Check the DJ Schedule on the home page. Come listen and request! \m/