Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Target and Full Metal

Target has infuriated me. They no longer do send-out film processing, so the biggest print I could get from my negative was an 8x10. Needless to say, I will nevermore use my beloved retail store and employer of 6 years for my print processing needs. I was going to Walgreens for my film processing anyway.

I did a blog search for "Full Metal" just a moment ago. Full Metal Buns! is not worth visiting. It appears to be an Asian girl who likes anime, so if you like reading about what a 19-year-old cosplayer thinks about (read: boys) then check it out.
Full Metal Blog is a guy who likes to complain about Bush, and apparently likes sissy little hearts on his template. Why would you do hearts when the title contains "Full Metal"?
I'm not sure why this showed up in the search, but I assume it's anime-related. Why would you restrict a blog to only your "friends," I wonder?
I just don't understand why anyone would feel compelled to read Full Metal Cynic, but I suppose you could say that about my blog too.

The question you must ask is, why do I blog? Is it for yourself only, or for your friends, or do you have something to share? If you have something to share, what can you offer that others do not? I'd like to think I have something to share, and I can offer my photography, which no one else can. But do I have interesting commentary on the more news/legal topics? This question I can't answer.

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