Thursday, April 07, 2011

After-School Special: "Swarth"

I got to pick my son up from day care today. He selected Portal's Swarth as the "daddy music" for the ride home. After the first couple notes, his face lit up, and he exclaimed, "This is a good one!"

He has excellent taste.


  1. Best way to go, teach him while he's young so he never has to go through the nu-metal phase of discovering heavy music.

  2. You're a great dad. I wish my dad were like this.. like Patrick said, I could have skipped over all the slipknot and disturbed and gone right into Burzum.

  3. I only wish I would have recorded him when it happened. It was priceless.

    My dad has never really been into music. What he did listen to in high school was more or less good stuff, considering he lived in a small town in the pre-Internet age--classic rock stuff. But more of a talk radio kind of guy.

    No, Link will be ready for music of any kind. His mother likes pop radio, so he's basically getting the full spectrum. Just have to work more of the classical in, but whenever something comes up on shuffle that's not metal (Bach, Johnny Cash, etc.) he tells me, "Daddy this is silly."

  4. That's hilarious. You're raising him well.

  5. :D

    My son [18 m] is moshing on MISERY INDEX. But yours is truly underground. Bless them :D