Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Metal Dictionary

The Metal Dictionary has finally been published to the site! It is intended to be a one-stop source for definitions of all things metal, although without getting too far into the technical aspects of musicianship.

I recognize that the entries are not complete, and that new definitions will have to be added. Since the dictionary itself does not allow comments, please add your suggestions as a comment on this post. Here are the guidelines:

1. suggest anything which should be added to the dictionary, or changed from the dictionary--you don't have to be specific

2. if you would like to provide an actual definition of a term, please also state
a. how you would like to be credited (what name you want to use), and
b. your web site address, if any


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  2. The suggestions that occur to me are:

    German thrash metal (since the Bay area got its own entry).

    Hellenic black metal (Greek black metal scene).

    Tribal metal (folk metal sub-genre drawing from traditional Native American music).

  3. I suppose you could include Les Légions Noires (aka The Black Legions) as the best known French black metal scene.