Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Top 5 Ways Classic Bands Will Shit on Their Legacies in 2012

Top 5 List

You've heard all the criticism of death metal founding fathers Morbid Angel failing in their attempt to make industrial rock a la Marilyn Manson. And there's no way you missed the horrible backlash against Metallica's WTF? collaboration with Lou Reed. I shouldn't even have to mention Ozzy's name, but the original Black Sabbath lineup is reuniting, apparently because the rest of the guys were tired of having too much credibility.

Sadly, I predict we can look forward to more classic bands shitting on their own legacies in 2012.

5. Venom will collaborate with one of the biggest music stars of the moment, releasing At War With Bieber.

4. Suffocation will tap infamous producer Bob Rock, release a new album, and win a Grammy.

3. Immortal + Skrillex = Black Dubstep

2. Motörhead will release an album that's actually different from any of their previous 21.

1. Celtic Frost will reunite and make a hair metal album. Oh, wait . . .

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  1. *gasp* Not Motörhead?! The horror!

  2. i have a friend who's an ozzy die hard but he's having a harder and harder time justifying keeping him alive. and now we find out iommi is just as venal and pathetic as sharon.

  3. Oh come on now. Shouldn't we at least wait until the record is released before we start attacking Iommi?