Sunday, February 12, 2006


[Images © 2006 Kelly Hoffart]
This is an old keychain my parents got for me back in high school. Pretty nifty, I think, but not as nifty as this: I finally got Laura to sit and watch a Star Wars movie with me! Now, I know her parents aren’t “bad” people, but if there’s one thing they did wrong in raising their kids it’s that they didn’t start their kids on Star Wars early in life. In fact, they never started their kids on Star Wars. If I decided what constituted a culture in this world, people like that would probably be burned as witches.
I know my audience too, so I started her at the end, with Return of the Jedi. No one can resist the baby Ewoks, or the rush of pride you must inevitably feel when the tribe attacks the Imperial Storm Troopers.

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  1. Speaking of Star Wars, I just found these super-awesome lightsabres at the mall. You can probably find them on Ebay or something, since they are officially licensed. Short of REAL lightsabres, they are probably the coolest thing EVER. They light up and look very satisfyingly real (they look disappointingly fake when switched off, but I do make some allowances, especially when Star Wars is involved). But what makes these ones awesome is that they make noises just like from the movies when you swing them, move them, twirl them, or clash them together. Not just like random lightsabre noises, but the EXACT noises that you'd expect a lightsabre to make if you swung it that way. Freaking awesome.

    Now, if only I had about $200 to spend on a pair of them.