Tuesday, February 28, 2006


There's a new picture up at FMPhoto.

I got smacked, and as Trusty Getto said, it's ugly. I think a better word would be "scathing." I enjoyed it though, because everyone could stand to get cut down to size every now and then. Submit your blog, if you haven't, and if you can stomach it.

I suppose that I'm the "geek" in the title, because, well, I'm certainly not the other two. Maybe I should drop the ads and some of the other crap in the sidebar. They did say the writing's fine.
Speaking of, you’re not using amici curiae correctly. Do yourself a favor before clients run across your blog: grab yourself a copy of Black’s and look it up.
Yes, I'm quite aware of that. I was just throwing around legal terms that could possibly describe links.

I think Bitch, Esq.'s opinion can be summed up like this:
This blog sums up the problem with about every fucking attorney or dumb ass law student that I know: THEY ARE ALL FUCKING SELF PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES WHO LIKE TO HEAR THEMSELVES TALK AND TALK AND TALK.
We do like to talk. Self pretentious? I assume that's the same thing as just regular pretentious (wow, that was a really pretentious sentence). It's kind of ironic, actually, because I Talk Too Much is probably the most pretentious web site I've ever seen. I like it though, so pretentious doesn't seem to bother me. And hearing myself "TALK AND TALK AND TALK"? Well, that's the point of having a blog. At least that's what I thought. A blog without that would lack . . . content.

Anyway, I think she just doesn't want to read about important issues or about argument. That's fine. If you'd rather read a personal blog, then read a personal blog. But usually the bitches will say something like "It's not my kind of thing, but it's well written" and give the blogger the benefit of the doubt. I think she got bored too quickly with it, because I don't just ramble on about my opinions. I talk about everyone's opinions and try to find the flaws and points of agreement in all of them. That's my personal mission with this blog.

All in all, my content won't change. It's what I do, and what I'm good at. And I read other reviews on their site. I knew what I was getting into. And I enjoyed it.



  1. I love it. Seriously. I derive a certain amount of joy from the self-righteousness of others. The more misplaced, the better.

    I feel like being pretentious (and I've wayyyy too much of Boss's coffee) so bear with me for a bit.. The literal definition of "pretentious" does not preclude non-reflexive use, so theoretically "self-pretentious" might be grammatically acceptable but methinks if we invoked the ever-popular legal test of "reasonably prudent person," the attachment of the prefix "self-" would be found to be retarded usage.

    I suspect someone has deep-seated psychological issues with attorneys, stemming from some childhood (or post-graduate?) trauma. Ha. I would say nice, but I'm trying to be "nice" these days.

  2. Well, I'm an attorney, so my opinion won't count, but I'll offer it anyway.

    I think your blog rocks. I like the diversity of content, I love the template/layout, and it has become a daily read.

    Then again, a good bitch-slappin' every now and then can't hurt too much, can it?

  3. No, it certainly can't. Bitch, Esq. baited me in the comments section, making me come off as someone without a thick skin. But anyone who knows me knows that my skin is as thick as it gets.

    I really did enjoy the review though. It's too bad my attorney-ness put a bad taste in her mouth before she even started reading it, but tat's going to happen. If you try to please everybody, you won't please anybody.

  4. Never take the bitches seriously. You are better off with no smacks, because then people come by just to see the train wreck. If they are pleasantly surprised that the blog is in English and doesn't blink you have exceeded their expectations and they may come back.

  5. Yeah, you do get a lot of traffic from the bitches at IT2M. They don't traffic in NICE reviews, either, BTW. That just isn't their style.

    By the way, if you are still in law school you aren't really an attorney yet right?

    Sort of like, Attorney, lite.
    What sort of law are you going to do?

  6. No, I'm not yet really an attorney. I picked the blog title because I figure I'll still have it when I'm done with law school and the bar exam (in less than a year).

    I intend to be a jack-of-all-trades kind of private practice lawyer in a small town in Nebraska.

  7. Heh, it's nice to be noticed, in any way. The big money is something awful way of course, but you have to be really awful for that...

  8. Totally unfair. But, what can you expect from someone who calls their own self a bitch? I've always liked your blog, it's even quite funny sometimes. :)

  9. Not saying you should change it because of her objection, but instead of amici curiae how about something like amici probati? (You still get a legal/court connotation off "probate".)

    Another possibility might be amici certi. And a nice head-scratcher is alteri (e)idem.

    (Did your undergrad program require you to do Latin, btw? Cicero is always a good read.)

  10. You're being an incredibly good sport about all this =)

    This is why I won't submit my site to it2m (although I love reading their reviews). They'd hate nearly everything about my blog. I can probably predict what my review would read like, and I wouldn't change my site based on their review since I like it as is, so why bother?

    Anyway, I like your blog; that's why I keep coming back.

  11. Thanks, everyone. I don't think I'm going to change it. I think she was being totally unreasonable (to speak like a lawyer) about the amici curiae thing. No, I didn't take Latin for my communications major. I sort of wish I had.

    I thought I was being a good sport about it too, but they apparently didn't think so. Oh, well.

    You're right Pie. I don't think they would like yours very much. But they'd probably like it better than mine! I think you'd get 2 smacks for having a neat template at least, even if it is a little hard to read (there are much worse).

    I've realized after this that I could never do the job they do. I hate almost every blog I come across. I like TG's because he's a spiffy guy, and Mr. K's because he's different. And I like Pie's because, well, how many other dog-loving megalomaniacs are in the world besides us?

  12. Why thank you :)

    I read the entire comment exchange over there, and I must admit, I was entertained. I must have busted out laughing at least three or four times.

    Keep up the good work, dude !