Sunday, March 25, 2012

Autopsy: All Tomorrow's Funerals (2012)

Maybe Too Many Funerals

Almost 73 minutes long, 22 tracks comprised of all three past EPs (remastered) plus four new songs, Autopsy's All Tomorrow's Funerals is huge. I dare say the massive, multi-headed chimeric monster on the cover is a perfect representation of this compilation.

Since it's Autopsy, you know it's awesome. But with the simple fact that these songs cover a period of over 20 years, it's not cohesive at all, and can't really be judged as a whole. I simply haven't been able to make it through the whole thing in one sitting.

So, I'm going to make a first here at Full Metal Attorney and issue summary judgment in favor of the band.

I also wanted to mention the fact that this is the first record given to me as a promo from what I consider one of the bigger and better-known labels out there. I guess this means I'm moving up in the world?

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  1. Congratulations on your, umm, promotion?

  2. If you wanna see Autopsy, they only have one midwestern date and that's on Cinco de Mayo at Reggie's with Cianide, Bones, Cardiac Arrest and Reign Inferno. Tickets are selling really fast since people are gonna be travelling far and wide for this show alone. I'd suggest you get your ticket soon since this will be the only midwestern appearance for Autopsy for a very long time.

  3. According to Google Maps, that's only 8 hours and 33 minutes from here. . . 524 miles, or a total round trip of 1048 miles, which at about 27 mpg and a gas price around $4 per gallon would only cost about $155. That's probably a little more than a plane ticket.

    They may travel far and wide for it, but I don't think anyone's traveling that far or that wide.

  4. Oh well, I guess I need to tell that to my friends who are coming from Minnesota, Kansas and Ohio for the show. :(

  5. I think the key part of that is that they're your friends, so the two together (friendship and the show) give enough justification for the trip.

  6. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that bands aren't really doing Midwest fans any favors by showing up for a single date in Chicago. I'm not really big on live music anyway, but I'm starting to develop a chip on my shoulder over it anyway.

  7. Cannibal Corpse will be in Omaha in April...

  8. At the end of the day, Autopsy will take an offer that looks and is good. Their reunion show at MDF in 2010 shot their stock up a whole lot. I was there so I know how mind blowingly awesome their live show is. That's why they strictly do festival one-off's in cities with consistently good turnouts and promoters, like Chaos In Tejas in Austin, Slaughter In The Water in the Bay area, Inferno Festival in Oslo, etc. Once a band has reached cult status like they do, they can be super selective on what market they're gonna play for. Chicago is a hub city that is very centralized with a great appreciation for live music, which already guarantees a good turnout, so it's a no-brainer for them to play here instead of a smaller city in another part of the midwest.

    1. I get it, and I don't blame them. Life on tour is nothing glamorous, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm not picking on them in particular, even if it does feel like they're just throwing us Midwesterners a bone.

      That said, apparently Gwar is in town tonight, with Municipal Waste and Ghoul. For the foreseeable future, that's the only thing remotely like what I would actually want to see, and I'm not really a fan of any of them.

      Yeah, maybe I'm just bitchy and overly-picky. Nothing I want to see ever comes here.