Friday, March 02, 2012

Black Pyramid: II (2012)

Better Than Gray Cylinder

Black Pyramid is a Massachusetts stoner doom band that I first learned about from a stellar review over at That’s How Kids Die. That article makes a distinction between “rock-influenced” metal bands and “metal-influenced” metal bands. The former are the only ones, it is argued, who can make their riffs swing.

Whether that distinction is true or not, Black Pyramid definitely know how to make it swing. Based purely on sound, it’s tough to place them geographically. I first thought of traditional doom via Finland, but then I thought they sounded more like southern swing. But then I thought, no, they sound English. The truth is, they’re not strictly following any one accepted formula, regional or otherwise.

Instead, it’s like the man said. They play some rocking riffs, and play them fuzzy and heavy. Fans of Lord Vicar will like the traditionalist approach that never sounds stale. Fans of Baroness (or, indeed, any Black Sabbath fan) will like the blue-collar honesty that matches the blues vibe. Any doom or heavy rock fan could find plenty to like in their mid-paced mellow grooves and riffs that stick in your head.

The Verdict: There’s nothing not to like here. It’s got all the good parts of traditional doom, without sounding like they’re trying to be retro. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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