Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Farsot: Insects (2011)

More Plausible than Twinkie Domination

Everyone says that only two things will survive a nuclear apocalypse: roaches and Twinkies. I can tell you for a fact that’s bullshit. Hostess is having serious financial troubles, and we’ll probably run out of Twinkies before the bombs drop. Plus, there’s a Twinkie that’s been sitting at my desk for less than four months, and it’s not looking too hot. It’s sucked the cellophane into itself and is starting to get some serious discoloration.

Farsot's Insects is based around the idea that bugs will continue to thrive in a radioactive environment, and is peppered with samples suggesting that we will destroy ourselves, ultimately making the insects masters of the world.

Musically, they sound a lot like fellow German black metallers Dark Fortress, at least as they sounded on Ylem. Both bands employ a lot of mid-tempo, heavy black metal with plenty of melody, and both employ a lot of dry, droning spoken word and growl/rasp vocals. Farsot is less for-the-throat and a little more varied than their counterparts. In some of the more progressive parts (especially “Empyrean”) Farsot has taken some of their cues from Enslaved. In other areas, they’ll use some clean blues (interlude “7”) or go psychedelic like Oranssi Pazuzu (“Withdrawal”).

It’s memorable, and well-produced, but they might lose you at some of the longer, droning passages. A little more for-the-throat than this could do them some good.

The Verdict: It’s an interesting concept for an album. I’m sure it’s been done before, and concept alone does not an enjoyable listen make. But in any case it’s still good stuff. If you’re looking for some heavy, progressive black metal with a slow and apocalyptic vibe, it should be a good fit. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. For the record, I've always preferred "cockroaches and Cher".

    I don't even like Cher, I just thought it sounded funnier when I heard it.