Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Attorney Misconduct

Jack Thompson, the highly publicized anti-video-game lawyer, has been removed from a case against Sony and other defendants.
Thompson's withdrawl follows a motion by filed by Blank Rome, the defendents' law firm, that Thompson be removed from the case as well as have his license to practice law in Alabama revoked for ethical lapses such as "attacking and threatening" the Blank Rome attorneys as well as accusing the firm of conspiracy. According to Blank Rome's Jim Smith, Thompson "[couldn't] proceed with the civility the rules require. All lawyers have to conduct themselves with honesty, integrity and civility. This isn't a street fight."
Let's hope he gets disbarred, because not only has he threatened other attorneys, but he has filed complaints in bad faith against the good people of Penny Arcade. Jack Thompson, you give lawyers a bad name.


  1. The only people I hate more than Jack Thompson are the people that buy the crap that comes out of his mouth... and hippies.

    But seriously, the man is crazy. Every conversation, interview, and quote I've ever heard from the guy ends up with him threatening the other party in much the same way as a 6th grader would.

    Forget the fact that he's unprofessional for a lawyer. Name calling, legal threats for no reason, etc. aren't professional by any standards. Hell, even a kid working at Burger King is expected to hold himself to some form of professionalism. I can't think of a single job from flipping burgers to being a "Cart Cowboy" at Target that his actions and ways of dealing with people could be considered ACCEPTABLE, let alone PROFESSIONAL!

  2. P.S. OT: I can't stress enough how cool the term "Cart Cowboy" is. I think Target should formally change the name of the position. That job title would look GREAT on a resume:

    Employment History:

    2000-2002 Target, Norfolk, NE
    Job Title: Cart Cowboy

    Duties included lassoing, coraling(sp?), and generally rounding up shopping carts. Yee Haw.

    That would be TOTALLY SWEET! Think I might put it on my C.V. regardless of the official title.