Friday, November 04, 2005

The Return of Eternal Twilight

They're apparently back! I posted on them previously, thinking they were gone forever, but we are in luck!
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Yes! Eternal Twilight, the "Shadow Gods of the New Age," are still around. (And are apparently looking for a new bass player as well as a drummer.)

You can even listen to them! (Actually, they're worse than I remember.) They even have a new album, Eat the Weak.
According to their website, "Fantasy and reality, sanity and madness, light and shadow. We live in the place between dreaming and awakening, in the eternal now. We have escaped the prison."

And, according to, "Eternal Twilight draws from ancient shamanism, sci-fi and horror to create a memorable concert and album experience. The band uses masks and costuming to become avatars of the gods." You read that right. They become avatars of the gods. Also, check out this link, because apparently the University of Nebraska's own Tommy Lee called them "scary."
By the way, Lucifer has changed his name to "Samuel Morningstar." You can reach him at (913)980-7775 on the phone, on the old e-mail machine, or for their snail-mail address:

Eternal Twilight
13505 S Mur-len
Olathe, KS 66062

Three 6's in their zip code . . . coincidence? I think not!

Edit: more pictures!


  1. I have just now e-mailed Morningstar, and I hope to hear back from him soon. I'll keep you posted.

  2. I would love to see these guys perform "Stonehenge"...

    They are everything Spinal Tap sought out to destroy...

  3. I've also submitted a link to their website on Fark. Pray that the shadow gods of the new age will give it a green light.

  4. Hope the fark thing works...

    It could be a neat reverse photoshop contest as well..

    That dude (dummer?) reminds me of "Skelator" from He-Man Masters of the Universe...