Tuesday, November 15, 2005


HR Giger has been ordered to remove one of his Alien sculptures from in front of his museum. Read more here. This angers me, because I'm a huge fan of his work. You know, he could have put something a little worse out in front, like Necronom V or one of his many other disturbing erotic images.


  1. What idiots. Must be some Christian hard-ass types over there

  2. I doubt it. As far as I know, western Europeans (like the Swiss) generally don't care much about religion. The article simply said it wasn't good for the town's image.

    But I ask you this: if you saw the words "HR Giger Museum" outside a building, would you go inside? Now, if you saw a huge statue of the alien from the movie Alien directly outside that building, would you gladly pay to look around?

    The thing is, most people don't know the name HR Giger. But almost everyone knows his iconic creations (he also designed the alien in Species, the cover to Danzig's How the Gods Kill, Jonathan Davis's mic stand from the "Here to Stay" video, and many other well-known pieces of art).

  3. Hey bigbrother, I know you're on. Just thought I'd say hello.

  4. ...no I'm not...