Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lawyer Advertising

The Florida Supreme Court isn't going to allow a law firm to use pit bulls as a mascot/advertising scheme/phone number. Read about it here, if you want.

Apparently they're also worried about lawyers being compared to sharks. Like that would ever happen. :)
So, apparenlty the First Amendment doesn't apply to lawyers.

Can I use a Terminator as a mascot? Or what about a ninja? A noble samurai warrior, perhaps?


  1. I kinda like the silouette of a guy carrying a briefcase chasing down an ambulance myself . . .

    Nothing like that image to inspire confidence in the profession if you ask me ;^)

  2. I think this is funny. Just funny. First Amendment nutjob that I am, I don't think it's an infringement of anyone's First Amendment rights...although this raises an interesting question: is a State Supreme Court "the government" for purposes of Constitutional analysis when it's acting in it's capacity as Supreme High Poobah of the Legal Profession? Hmmm.

    Personally, given what we're taught in law school about the availability of Free Stuff and How To Get It, I'd think a vulture might be a bit more appropriate mascot...

    There's a law office in Colorado Springs whose mascot is Jeebus. No kidding -- they're a "Christian" law firm, so they're dripping with Christian symbols. I wonder what Florida would have to say about that?