Thursday, November 17, 2005

Exactly a month from today, I will be married.
Any advice, tips, comments, well-wishing, cries of despair at knowing I’m taken, or insults and curses welcome.


  1. Here's a word from a wise man. I've taken it to heart and I believe it sums up marriage extremely well.

    "Marriage is a duel to the death which no man of honor should decline" -- G.K.C.

  2. Congratulations, Kelly! I wish you and your bride-to-be much happiness.

    My advice is keep your marriage vows: love; honor; cherish; forsaking all others, etc.

    Respect each other. Talk to each other. Enjoy each other.

    Finally this: "The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly." Peter DeVries

  3. Congratulations. I was up all night trying to think of something 'wise' to say.
    I decided to just tell you that I've been married almost 20 years & it has not been perfect (ups & downs, you know) but it is more wonderful each year to be w/the person you decide to spend your life with.
    Neither of you will no longer be children.
    Marrige will make a man & woman of you. You get to practice sacrifice, thoughtfulness, responsibility, and will learn how to work through a problem because you love the other person more than yourself.
    But, be children in your intimate moments.
    Forget the responsibilitys & the stress.
    I'll stop now before I sound like a 'How To' book.
    Welcome to the ranks.
    P.S. I didn't stay up all night, but I did want to express something profound that I'd discovered myself. :)