Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Final Blog Idea . . .

. . . before I move on to something else.

As a side note, a Technorati search ranks me as third of 43 blogs tagged "law student." Nifty, huh?

Suburban Paparazzo*

You've seen celebrity blogs. And you were probably bored when you saw them, too, because the same information can be found in thousands of other places--and this information is unavoidable. "Suburban Paparazzo" is a blog with a similar premise, but instead of posting celebrity news and pictures it's all about the blogger's neighbors. To do this one right you'll need a camera with a long zoom lens so you can take shots of your neighbors in their exciting lives. Blog post titles would sound like "Dan Sutherford called in sick to work--and left the house in golfing clothes!" You'll also have to come up with mutated names for couples in your neighborhood. If Richard Salinsky is dating Elizabeth Brown, refer to them as Richabeth. Try especially hard to find the women of your 'hood going out without makeup (to prove they're no better than the rest of us) and to find cellulite.

* Don't actually do this. I'm pretty sure it's illegal and/or tortious. If you do it, I take no responsibility.

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