Sunday, March 26, 2006


I didn't get this picture onto this computer in time for Halloween, and I've already been waiting too long for the next Halloween to come around. We should have at least four Halloweens every year. Anyway, this is a pic of me and some friends from my class in high school, taken my senior year (2000). I'm Ace (far left), in case you can't tell. This wasn't actually Halloween, but rather "favorite band day" during "Spirit Week," in which you were supposed to dress up as a member of a band to show your school spirit. I don't actually care for Kiss, but it was fun to dress up like them, and I know why their fans do it for their concerts. Aside from us, however, the only other person to participate was a junior high kid who went as one of the members of the Insane Clown Posse, and I won't comment any more on that.

EDIT: That smear on the left-hand side is actually from darkroom chemicals, and not part of the real picture. Make sure to clicky-clicky for a bigger version.

At the time I was dating a girl who was going to a Lutheran high school in nearby Norfolk, Nebraska. I went with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to wait for her at the school (since we got out early that day). I was informed later that when one of the teachers saw us she started crying and thought that we were there to kill everyone like the kids at Columbine. They almost called the cops . . . . I'm not sure whether this story is funny or not.


  1. Heh, I remember that. I got all of your autographs! It was awesome.

  2. Wow, a HS teacher who didn't know who KISS was? That oughtta be a crime in and of itself . . .

  3. TG, I think that's a symptom of what my wife and I like to call the Lutheran Bubble. Many people are brought up completely in LCMS schools and college and then they go out to teach in those schools, never having contact with the "real world." (Apparently they've never read Matthew 28.) They probably still have the criticisms of KISS from the 70's on their mind, thinking that KISS is something evil when really it's more of a self-parody.

  4. "thinking that KISS is something evil when really it's more of a self-parody"

    Well, K.I.S.S. does stand for Knights In Satan's Service so I could see how someone might think they are something evil.