Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy 55th!

Check out my new renter, "Smile if You're Lying," especially if you've ever wondered why anyone (other than Tom Selleck or Alex Trebek) would grow a mustache!
Then, when you get back, check out Crane Reflection, a brand new shot up at FMPhoto.

And then, when you get back, say happy 55th birthday to Kurt Russell.
He is quite clearly the greatest actor of all time. People who still celebrate St. Patrick's Day are chumps. That's right. I went there. Instead, I recommend that you watch one of these fine movies to celebrate. You can still get drunk and puke, but green beer is out. It might give people the wrong idea. Irish beverages (such as Irish Cream, Guinness, or Jameson) are acceptable. I'm going to watch Escape from L.A. and drink to celebrate. How about you?

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