Monday, March 13, 2006

Wisdom Teeth

Still not ready to post on euthanasia again. My thoughts are so back-and-forth on it. FMPhoto got three smacks yesterday, which is pretty good considering they usually hate everything that I like about blogs.

Today's Story

Gather 'round kids, and I'll tell you about the only drug-induced haze that your grandpa ever went through. It was the spring of 2001, when dinosaurs and VCRs still roamed the land. I was to have all my wisdom teeth removed at the same time. They gave me an absolutely wonderful mixture of anesthesia and nitrous oxide, so I giggled like a little schoolgirl before they ripped my mouth open. They also gave me some fun little pills with codeine. Can you say codeine? And it was the same day that Tool's album Lateralus came out, so I was under the influence of a mixture of many different drugs and listening to Tool's most hallucinogenic album ever. I am probably entirely unique in having this particular experience, but if you ever have to have your wisdom teeth removed then I recommend the same things. And have pudding, too. That's good stuff.


  1. Were they bothering you when you had them out or was it recommended as a precautionary measure?

    I've still got all of mine, mostly exposed for several years. Kind of hard to reach with brush and floss, so I've got a few cavities in them now and will probably have to have them out, at long last. Not something I especially want to entrust to the quacks over here, though.

    And yes, dentists rank higher on my hate list than another group of professionals I've disparaged elsewhere. (And the Japanese subgroup higher than the general.)

    (My word verification was "kkxxxtm" more K and it would have been perfect as a brand name for racist porn! Um...sorry!)

  2. It was a precautionary measure, and I was still on my parents' insurance (which is very nice).

    Racist porn . . . I must be going into the wrong business.

  3. Oh, and btw, dentists have a higher suicide and depression rate than any other profession, and people hate them more (according to polls) than any other profession.

  4. Do the professors at UNL Law still say, "It isn't too late for dental school!" to unprepared students?

    As if the UNL dental college wasn't already packed with cats that washed out of medical school.