Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Springtime, and a New Renter

It's spring! Even though we had a lot of snow last week, nearly all of it is gone. And I know it's spring because the forsythia are starting to bloom and I saw some squirrels doing the nasty.

I also have a new renter, "Pictures from My World." It's a photoblog (yay!), and while it's not a "WOW" photoblog, the owner certainly shows some talent and it's definitely worth checking out. Click the thumbnail in the sidebar to pay them a visit!


  1. Eeww, risu risqué?!

    My forsythia (rengyô to the locals) out in the yard has budded, but no blooms yet. (100 clicks to the south, the ones on campus are fairly full on.)

    "For lo, the winter has passed...."

  2. Thank You for being my bloglord this week.