Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I'm infinitely happy that Blogger has added the "Flag" button (although some blogs seem to have bypassed the bar at the top). However, I have discovered that pressing the "Next Blog" button as a way of finding something new and interesting has completely lost its usefulness. Almost all of it is spam, or as they're now calling spam blogs, splogs. And a good chunk of it is pornography, often with titles like "Groped in Public" or "MILF Pictures" or "Mature Woman Free Pics" or other such bull. There needs to be some kind of mechanism to prevent these blogs from starting rather than just a reactive method.


  1. blog is how I found you and I dig yer blog.

  2. I have been using 'next blog' extensively, too, but in the last few days it has become almost unusable.

    A lot of porn sites. And somehow certain blogs manage to keep showing up over and over. (I'm curious -- how do they hijack the process?) Then there are the cul-de-sac blogs that don't provide a 'next blog' option.

    I will be using a lot less if it doesn't improve.

  3. I must admit I've never noticed porn sites on the next button on blogger. Is this a new thing? The advert blogs are frustrating, and, I'm fairly sure, useless; blogger doesn't care about blogs that get no hit's links.

  4. Voodoo: thanks, but the chances of finding anything good now are pretty low.

    Copernicus: I don't think they're showing up over and over. I think they've signed up for a lot of blogs that are identical or nearly identical.

    Mr. K: use the "flag" button when you run across any of those.