Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hate the French

As if we don't have enough reasons to hate the French, they apparently are using live dogs and cats as shark bait. I'll warn you, the picture will tear your heart directly out of your chest and stomp all over it.

This is just beyond the realms of human decency. While there is little we can do about it, the best we can do is to ensure that they get a lot of bad publicity over it.

I'm happy that this has come to light, and that it seems this particular golden retriever has been rescued. He's really cute, although the goth look isn't for him.


  1. Hey,

    Have you seen this?

    I must admit, I was duped during the commercial. I thought "Oh, Slipknot, say it isn't so". Apparently, that was BK's idea. However, I still cannot ever see myself ording something as silly sounding as "chickenfries".

  2. I had that thought too, but I didn't think that legal action would ensue. But calling it a sound-alike is a bit of a stretch . . .
    Anyway, I think it is perfectly reasonable to say that there is a "Slipknot generation," as they claim.

    Also, look at the article again. "Counsel for the band (which is pictured at right)" is in the middle of that big paragraph. Now, looking at the picture, I thought it was Slipknot, but apparently that's their legal team.

  3. You honor,

    My name is 133 and together with my co-counsel Clown and Corey Taylor we represent the Defendants.

    This case is about how COQ ROQ has completly destroyed our branding ability by causing thousands of hardcore rock fans to ask themselves "Why is Slipknot selling chicken fries?"

    That would be something I would skip class to watch on Court-tv!

  4. I don't see anything on there about it being an urban legend. It seems like the French gov't is doing exactly what they have to do -- denounce the practice and claim it was an isolated incident.

    The site claims that perhaps it was a picture of an "accidental" entanglement with a hook...Look at the placement of the hooks...I defy you (in the impersonal sense) to demonstrate how that could be done by accident. Further, if one were to use live dogs as bait for fish...Where else would you put the hooks? Any other place would seriously wound the dog to the point of "unlivliness" rendering any effort to entice the sharks worthless...

    I don't care if it is an isolated practice. Whomever is practicing this should be hunted down and drawn and quarted with fishhooks...while a pack of dogs nibbles at their leavings...

    So, in sum, I find these bastards sub-human.

  5. I think you could take the pro-choice argument and work it around to allow for the killing of such brutal people.