Friday, October 14, 2005

Sex Appeal Sells Anything

I was looking through some of my old files last night, and I found some wonderful pictures that I saved during undergrad. I can definitely get a few good posts out of sharing some of them.

Sex appeal. Everyone knows that it sells products from bras to milk to cars. But only a genius would think that sex appeal sell coffins.

I can't believe this site is still up. I saved the pictures from it in November of 2002. Even more, I'm surprised that they're still using sex appeal to make their sales. It looks like now they're actually hiring models to pose with their coffins. In the old days they photoshopped them in.
You'd think this girl was washing a car. Nope. It's a coffin.

(Sally says, "I wash my coffin every week, and hand wax it twice a year to protect the finish.")

(Miss March says, "Oh, oh, oh. Coffins make me so horny!")

If you want to see the rest of their "2006 Sexy Coffins Calendar", then you can check out their web site. They even have their old calendars on the site.

I just want to tell everyone in Italy, thank you. Thank you for putting sex appeal where it belongs in the market. Seriously. Do you think some old guy with cancer is sitting in front of his computer, and he sees this site and says "There. That's the coffin I want." It's certainly not the widow that's picking them out. Maybe they don't really sell coffins, and they just have a thing about girls with coffins. I don't know. I'm scared to go any further into the web site. Maybe their primary clientele are vampires.


  1. OMG -

    What we the models thinking?

    Although I must admit I do feel the urge to run out an buy a coffin!

    Damn you libido!

  2. You know, coffin prices rise every year. Other things may rise when you peruse that web site as well.

    I think I'll buy my coffin just so I can have it.

  3. lol interesting... ;)
    have you seen the guy that builds coffins as furniture.. so when you die you just take your couch, entertainment center etc with you! Nifty idea i suppose, seen that on discovery channel!

  4. Why not use them as beds? It seems to me that the velvet upholstery would be nice to sleep in. I'm sure some goths do it.