Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Changes?

I'm done dealing with File Bucket. They have deleted my pictures too many times for me to have to deal with it. Let's just hope Photo Bucket is a better bucket.

As a side note, please answer my poll in the sidebar. I really want to know if I should get to work on changing the template for easier reading, or if you guys like the look.


  1. I'm not really a fan of black backgrounds with white text, but I've never had a problem with your site's colour scheme. Something to think about is that if you redo your background and text, you might have to redo your logos and stuff as well.

    One thing that might help is to try some different shades of dark gray as the background instead, and see if this makes it easier to read. This way you could more than likely still use your logo colours with few problems.

    Read this:

  2. Yeah, I did a bit of playing around with your colour scheme and I think just a small change in background color would definitely make it easier to read. To be honest, just changing the value from #000 to #111 gains a lot of readability, although you might have to ever so slightly alter your logo background colour as well if you'd change it. Nothing big, just a quick fill job. I change my vote to "change it." (previously, "I don't care.")