Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lenin; Kamikaze Birds

With controversy raging in Russia over what to do with Lenin's body, has tendered an offer to the Russian Government to purchase Lenin.
He has a lot of good ideas for what to do with him.

A Sunshine Coast university student will need to have an artificial lens fitted to his right eye after it was speared by a wild darter bird perched on a railing at Australia Zoo at Beerwah.
You know, I don't generally like internet shorthand, but OMFG. That is scary as hell for photographers who like birds. I think I'll just get a really long lens before I snap some birdies.

Not Watching 'Oprah' May Have Saved Woman
I knew that Oprah was dangerous.

A Swedish hunter was knocked unconscious after his son shot a flying Canada goose which then fell onto his head, news agency TT reported Wednesday.
Wow, a lot of violent birds today.

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