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Top 100 Metal Songs: The Top Ten

UPDATE 1/5/2010: Check out my new list, The Top 50 Metal Albums of The Last Decade

In case you're coming here from a search and missed the earlier installments, here they are: Introduction, 100-91, 90-81, 80-71, 70-61, 60-51, 50-41, 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11. Now, the top ten.

#10: “Who Do You Love?” by George Thorogood & the Destroyers
Move It On Over (1978)

Maybe it’s not pure metal, but it certainly is very hard, bluesy rock with a very metal attitude. Since blues-inspired hard rock is the origin of heavy metal, it certainly fits. The lyrical style, talking about how cool and scary the vocalist is, foreshadows the vocal stylings of such later outfits as White Zombie, Mercyful Fate, Motörhead, and Danzig, among others. George’s growly voice also foreshadows the vast majority of 90’s metal vocalists. Not only that, but the simple, powerful riff throughout the tune is also echoed by later metal groups. This song definitely deserves a place in the top ten.

#9: “Cemetery Gates” by Pantera
Cowboys from Hell (1990)

This song goes through the style of such later Pantera hits as “This Love” and “Hollow”: mellow verses interspersed by a powerful chorus. The chorus in this one, however, has one of the greatest metal riffs ever composed, sounding almost like black metal. The solo may not be one of the late Dimebag Darrell’s best, but it certainly fits the eerie, confused, and angry tone of the song, which marks a transition from Pantera’s earlier (and disowned) hair metal style to their later thrash metal virtuosity. No true metal fan can dispute the placement of this classic on the top ten list.

#8: “Faget” by Korn
Korn (1994)

The album marked a transition in the metal world by itself, but this song is the culmination of the abuse-inspired rage of the album (the epitome of the less healthy, questioning angst comes at the end, with “Daddy”). It’s a message to all the people who teased Jonathan Davis as a child, and it’s a strong message at that: “I’m just a pretty boy, whatever you call it. You wouldn’t know a real man if you saw it. It keeps going on day after day, son, you FAKE! . . . I’m sick and tired of people treating me this way every day. Who gives a fuck? Right now I got something to say to all the people who think that I’m STRANGE, that I should be out of here locked up in a CAGE! You don’t know what the hell to fuck now anyway. You got this pretty boy feeling like I’m enslaved. To a world that never appreciated shit: YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK AND FUCKING LIKE IT!” With that, the rage comes out, and the most perfect moment on the album, and in the nu-metal revolution, is realized. (Sorry for the profanity to anyone that’s offended, but you can’t truly appreciate it without said profanity.)

#7: “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash
??? (1963)

This one may seem a bit out of place. But it really isn’t. For one thing, the band Soil (of “Halo” fame) have it played over the speakers every time before they take the stage. The imagery is also characteristically metal: any time they speak of love, the discussion includes the pain and everything else that goes along with it. On my playlists, this one seems perfect as a bridge between “Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains and “This Love” by Pantera.

#6: “Stone the Crow” by Down
NOLA (1995)

Phil Anselmo makes the top ten twice with this song (the other is “Cemetary Gates”). The most impressive thing about it is the beautifully melodic, southern-sounding riff through the verses, punctuated by Anselmo’s angry voice in the choruses and fully complemented by a great solo and guitar outro by Pepper Keenan. This is definitely the best track ever laid down by an all-star heavy metal side project, and it’s the most perfect blend of southern rock and heavy metal.
(Incidentally, yes the album is named after New Orleans. Not only that, but on their second album, released in 2002, there is a song called “New Orleans Is a Dying Whore.” Prophecy? No, just a moral criticism—or perhaps a lament for lost morals—which ultimately sounds strange coming from a group like this one.)

#5: “Mother” by Danzig
Danzig (1988)

To this day, and probably forevermore, Danzig will be best known for this song on his first solo album. It’s a warning to parents: don’t let your kids listen to Danzig. He will corrupt them, making delinquents out of your sons and whores out of your daughters. “Mother, tell your children not to hold my hand. Tell your children not to understand. Oh, Mother! Father! Do you want to bang heads with me? Do you want to feel everything? Oh, Father! Not about to see your light, but if you want to find hell with me, I can show you what it’s like, ‘til you’re bleeding!” The song has great riffs in chorus and verse, and concludes with one of John Christ’s better guitar solos.

#4: “Clean My Wounds” by Corrosion of Conformity
Deliverance (1994)

Pepper Keenan makes a second appearance in the top ten, this time also on vocals. Strangely enough, he had no place in the remaining 90. This one has one of the best staccato riffs ever written, and is incredibly catchy (it reminds me of “Who Do You Love?”). Not only that, but Keenan’s low-key voice (not to be confused with Maynard James Keenan) is a welcome replacement to CoC’s prior frontman’s voice. Keenan’s guitar solo also has a hint of the southern influence, but there is nothing to detract from the absolutely incredible riff in the verses.

#3: “13 Years of Grief” by Black Label Society
Stronger than Death (2000)

Zakk Wylde’s message to kids: “You’re so fucking tough, so motherfucking bad. 13 years of grief is all your folks ever had. Just an ignorant cunt, talking such shit.” Sure, metal is about rebellion from society. But listen to your parents, and respect them. When you’re 13 you shouldn’t be rebelling against them. If you do, you’ll probably end up with “6 months in the hole. Yeah, son, look at you now.” The riff is pure, unadulterated, bottom-heavy BLS biker metal, but the real star of the show here is Zakk’s absolutely amazing guitar solo, surpassing all of his other solos, including those done for Ozzy. Any fan of guitar solos or of biker metal needs to check this one out. And this concludes the good ol’ southern boy portion of the list.

#2: “The Nameless” by Slipknot
Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses (2004)

This song calcifies (hope I don’t leave you behind on that reference) the promise of Slipknot: in the early 2010’s these guys will be looked at in the same way that Metallica was looked at in the early 1990’s. It is the culmination of their most brilliant album (written and recorded in 8 months instead of 2 after a hiatus when the band members explored side projects to expand their horizons, most notably Stone Sour). It fully realizes the power of all nine members of the band, and the themes of Volume 3 (the interplay of control, love, hate, and obsession) are belted out in pure Slipknot fashion. The best part of it is the contrasting voices of Corey Taylor: the adoring, obsessed melodic and the furious, powerful, dominating force of his scream. The two voices begin as distinct, each with a separate role of love or hate, and by the end they become confused in the greatest crescendo ever written for a heavy metal song, as the narrator loses his grip on right and wrong or love and dominating obsession before finally screaming, repeating, and reinforcing the words “You’re mine!” I recommend this song so highly that I would call it the single best heavy metal song ever written. I could listen to this one over and over all day long, and it would never get old. Of course, you may be asking, if it’s the best ever written, why is it number two? Read on for the number one pick . . .

#1: “Mercyful Fate” medley by Metallica
Garage Inc. (1998)

Sure, it’s a cover. But it only makes sense to be at the top spot on the list. Mercyful Fate had 5 songs on the list, and Metallica had 10 besides this one. This medley combines some of the best writing in the metal world with some of the best performing in the world ever, period. James Hetfield’s voice obviously can’t match King Diamond’s range, but it’s always a good one, and the sound of Metallica’s guitars is the best in the business (although I can’t say the same for the drums on St. Anger or the bass on . . . And Justice for All). The gods of heavy metal go through five of Mercyful Fate’s best early tracks in this 11 minute, 11 second heavy metal epic (Metallica’s longest studio track): “Satan’s Fall,” “Curse of the Pharaohs,” “A Corpse Without a Soul,” “Into the Coven,” and “Evil,” (forgive me if I missed one) including not only riffs and lyrics but also several solos. (They said that they loved the work so much that they couldn’t possibly pick just one.) The songs flow together perfectly because of Mercyful Fate’s consistent writing, and Metallica even weave back and forth between the songs instead of simply painting by number. The band’s enthusiasm for Fate’s work shows through in their highly energetic and accelerated performance. Once again, this song is one that I could put on “repeat” for a full 24 hours.
(I don’t know if this cover was why he did it, but King Diamond sang “Happy Birthday” to James at a concert where Hetfield and Ulrich attended.)

UPDATE 7/31/06: Does this list piss you off? Do you think you have good suggestions for a brand-new list? Go here and give me your suggestions!

UPDATE 9/20/09:

I've given up on making a new list. My tastes have gotten so much heavier and less mainstream (Opeth, Necrophagist, Death, Bloodbath, etc.) and I've been adding so many more albums all the time that I've realized making a list like this--which is truly complete and fair--is a hopeless endeavor. I still like everything on this list, but I listen to it less all the time.

If you want to see a list of my favorite bands as it stands now, this is what I took off my Facebook page:

Alchemist, Alice in Chains, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Apocalyptica, Artillery, At the Gates, Baroness, Behemoth, Black Sabbath, Blood Tsunami, Bloodbath, Candlemass, Johnny Cash, Cephalic Carnage, Coal Chamber, Corrosion of Conformity, Crimson Moonlight, Cryptopsy, Cynic, Dååth, Danzig, Dark Tranquility, Death, Deftones, Dethklok, DevilDriver, Diablo Swing Orchestra, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dimmu Borgir, Disillusion, Disturbed, Down, Dream Theater, Eluveitie, Eryn Non Dae, Extol, Godsmack, Gojira, The Haunted, John Lee Hooker, Iced Earth, In Flames, Tony Iommi, Iron Maiden, Isis, King Diamond, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Lake of Tears, Led Zeppelin, Living Sacrifice, Mar De Grises, Mastodon, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Meshuggah, Metallica, Monster Magnet, Motörhead, My Dying Bride, Necrophagist, Nevermore, Nile, Nine Inch Nails, Opeth, Orphaned Land, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Psyopus, Ram-Zet, Rammstein, Red Harvest, Sepultura, Slipknot, Soilwork, Sotajumala, Soul Embraced, Spineshank, Static-X, Suffocation, Swallow the Sun, Theatre of Tragedy, Therion, Tool, Type O Negative, Volbeat, White Zombie, Black Label Society

I've also disabled comments, as I think 100 is enough.

I hope everyone will accept that I now admit my list was narrow-minded, but I needed the Internet to introduce me to the great stuff (I don't know anyone else who listens to death metal, and I don't think I've ever met anyone who does). In this vein, anyone who needs to be introduced to all kinds of metal you can't hear on the radio should check out MetalCast, the best podcast ever.

UPDATE 1/5/2010: Check out my new list, The Top 50 Metal Albums of The Last Decade


  1. Nice ... the title however says 100 songs :-d

  2. The title does say top 100 songs. That's because, if you check out my index (link on main page) you'll find that I covered 90 other songs.

  3. Don't ever make a top 100 Metal Songs list again. First of all, not even half those bands qualify as matal.

    Not only did you entirely leave out rising metal acts of this generation such as Trivium, Children of Bodom, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy and Shadows Fall, among many others, but you also left out much of the roots of metal such as Iron Maiden, Kiss, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, etc, while including such an absurdity as the 1930's piece you included.

    Try stepping outside your narrow spectrum of what you know of as 'Metal' and come to realize that Metallica turned mainstream rock at the Black Album, that Johnny Cash's version of 'Hurt' is anything BUT metal, and that if 'Stinkin' Park is not on there, then why is Evanescence?

    But I am not saying that I'm the metal pro now, so don't try talkin shit with me, I'm only saying don't publish dumb shit on the internet that you don't know much about.

  4. Thanks Grim. Anonymous appears to be somewhat ignorant in some respects . . . Linkin Park and Evanescence aren't all that much alike. For one thing, LP is rap-rock. And I have since made note that I wish I would have included Trivium and possibly even Lamb of God, both excellent bands. And I've also noted that I wouldn't include Iron Maiden or Judas Priest even though they are undoubtedly decent bands and have had huge influence in the metal world.

    And I didn't leave out Zepp, even though arguably they're not metal.

  5. OK, Mr. "I've heard of a band you've never heard of." Dragonforce? WTF? What is this, a LARPer convention? If you throw out Cash, Orff, Thorogood, and arguably Zepp, then there is still a list of 95 metal songs here. And I didn't "miss" Maiden or Priest, as I've already made clear. I just don't think that any of their songs are that great, despite their huge influence on subsequent bands. I certainly didn't miss a majority of the greatest metal bands ever. That list would read like this (in no particular order):

    Mercyful Fate
    Black Sabbath
    Alice in Chains
    White Zombie
    and maybe Korn

    This is of course my opinion, and you're entitled to your own, but I think that if I had collaborated with other metalheads (as I considered doing) there still wouldn't be any Dragonforce on the list. I'd like to see your list of 100 songs (with a defense of each entry) that included everyone that deserves to be included. Anyone that did this would include something that a lot of other people could criticize.

    I would welcome a comment giving some honest criticism, but when you throw out something ridiculous like Shadows Fall or Dragonforce (which are clearly very personal preferences and not "greats") you tend to lose some credibility.

  6. I like the mojority of your list, and don't see the point in slandering your musical preferences, but I'd like to point out some of the "Underground" bands of the Nu-metal age that you might not have heard of. Zao, for one, they are one of the most diverse bands I have ever encountered. Their identity is confusing to a lot of people because of their Christian-Hardcore roots mixed with their loud, aggressive sound. My favorite metal band of all time is Demon Hunter, they've always been very accurate in a musical sense. Keeping their fans headbanging with their current music, while making more and more music that keeps their name alive - they are also dubbed a "Christian metal band". Living Sacrifice is another band that I find amazing. If you haven't been able to tell, I do enjoy the good-moraled metal, and this band is quite possibly the pinnacle of Christian metal (after DH of course). Their "Best of" CD is amazing, it's just a shame that they broke up. Well, I was just throwing a few names out there, and now that I've done that, I'll say again that you did do a nice job compiling a good amount of music that represents a large age of great metal. Although I would have liked to see "Cowboys From Hell" on there, I still think you did a nice job regardless of what other people might say.

    This, of course is my opinion (yada yada yada)..and is also coming from a person that hasn't stretchedhis musical background to the likes of Iron Maiden and what I might consider "older metal", except for Pantera.

  7. Hungry1, your comment is well-taken. I love Living Sacrifice. I have a couple of their albums, as well as Soul Embraced's first album. Also worth checking out in the Christian metal area is Still Breathing, which is kind of what Kittie would sound like if they weren't from Canada.

  8. what a crap list.

  9. my opinion=

    trivium, iron maiden, metallica, COBHC, slayer, guns and roses, other 80's big-hair metal bands, new piss-metal that doesnt understand the words "melody" or "harmonization", and especially european reject piss-offs such a DRAGONFORCE (i want to shove a cork screw in herman li's eyeball) all undeniably SUCK.

    metal is overated. true metal died in the 80's. quit diggin bad shit up.

    and i do enjoy how everyone ignores the start of the nu-metal movement with Souxie and the Banshees. has no one heard of these people?

    but of course, you moronic metal heads will keep killing your brain cells headbanging to some guy wailing like a badger is gnawing at his nutsac and a guitarist who sounds like his hands are have an epileptic seisure.

    have your metal and shove it so far up your ass that you puke distorted musical notes.

    TheAnonymousG aka
    PunkRockerExtrodinair aka

  10. yo have got to fucking kiding me was this list complied by a 13 year old. 99 % of this list is commercial shit. don't call this something it is not this is definetly not metal i was into slipknot back in 99' when they where extreme but they sold out big time. if yo want metal goto the nuclear blast site. thats metal. not this.

  11. So we have somebody who apparently believes that Firehouse and Slaughter are true metal, and another guy who thinks that Slipknot sold out with Iowa . . . where they were actually heavier and more abrasive than before. Geniuses, really, both of them. But it proves the point that this stuff is highly subjective and makes me feel a lot better that my list is by far more diverse than anything most metal fans would come up with.

  12. Come on, everyone's entitled to their opinion. While I don't agree that all of these songs are metal, and there are a couple of bands left out that I would have included, although you have given reasons for some of those, I think this list is quite a good one and would have taken ages to put together, so don't shove it in her face.

    Metal actually has many branches and roots, lots of which have been mentioned in here. And 'Souxie and the Banshees' are punk, so I don't know where that other person's comment came from.

    Just a bit of criticism: it would have been truly awesome if you'd have used a few more bands and gone back a little further. But still, massive kudos for this.

  13. its your opinion but it is extremely narrow minded....i dont know where you got some of these "metal songs but how can you not have maiden or priest...

    and whats with the korn?....if you are gunna pick them why not nickleback ....haha wierd list man

  14. Pretty good list. Too bad a few of the people making comments are dumbasses. There are a few songs that im not sure why they made a metal list like Johnny Cash. And there are a few that i think are ranked way too low such as Enter Sandman, but overall nice job and i enjoyed reading it.

  15. If I pick Korn then why not Nickelback . . . the very fact that you phrase the question that way answers your question. You know that Nickelback is infinitely bad and is actually not at all like Korn in any way.

    I'm just glad I can get kudos from a couple people for this list. With as massively diverse as metal music is, and how many people are so rabid about their own branch of metal, getting kudos from even one person is a huge compliement.

  16. This list frickin stinks, what happened to the Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Sabbath, Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Pantera, and so many other bands. I don't even think that Iron Man by Sabbath was on there. That song is the shit. What about Crazy Train and Number of the Beast by Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden. THIS LIST SUCKS. Plus, friggin Raining Blood by Slayer isn't even on there, and that song rocks too.

  17. Anonymous:
    Zepp is on the list

    Metallica is on the list many times . . . I'm not sure how you missed it, especially since they got the #1 spot.

    Sabbath is on the list several times

    Iron Maiden = good but way overrated

    Slayer is on the list several times. Come on, "Angel of Death" and "South of Heaven" are much better than "Raining Blood".

    Anthrax = just OK, not great

    Priest = good but overrated

    Megadeth is on the list

    Pantera is on the list several times, and again I don't know how you missed it since they're in the top ten

    It's like you criticized the whole top 100 list after just looking at number ten, or something.

  18. you can not have a cover as #1 and there are better songs by korn than that one. and slayer's raining blood should be in the top 10 at leased. this list sucks bad what about AT THE GATES or like other genres of metal not just Nu and 80's metal.

  19. Greatest Songs:
    1. Megadeth - Good Mourning Black Friday
    2. Megadeth - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
    3. Judas Priest - Victim of Changes
    4. Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the Other Side
    5. Metal Church - End of the Age
    6. Diamond Head - Am I Evil
    7. Judas Priest - Beyond the Realms of Death
    8. Dark Angel - Perish In Flames
    9. Testament - The New Order
    10. Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be thy Name
    11. Blind Guardian - Time What is Time
    12. Megadeth - Looking Down the Cross

    Yay for real fucking metal.

  20. Slipknot, Danzig, Alice in Chains, White Zombie, and Korn are some of the greatest metal bands ever? I know I'm one of those asshole elitist if you listen this you don't know what metal is folks, but that doesn't stop these bands from sucking. And a COVER is the best of all time???

    The greatest bands would be bands such as Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Dark Angel, Testament, Black Sabbath, Iced Earth (maybe), BLS (maybe), Death, Slayer (maybe), Metal Church, and Dio.

    (subject to additions)

  21. Blind Guardian? I've been completely unimpressed by them. They're certainly not even as good as Manowar, who haven't even been mentioned by any naysayers.

    I may have erred in excluding Iced Earth, but still the narrow suggestions given by everyone tend to prove that this is a good list.

  22. Methinks this list should be titled "100 Best Metal Songs (Out of a collection of 25 CDs)"

    You clearly need to listen to more heavy metal before compiling a list such as this and refuting valid suggestions with such pretension.

  23. I've listened to plenty of metal. Yeah, I forgot to put Iced Earth, DevilDriver, Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Trivium, and Children of Bodom on the list. Sorry. But most of the other suggestions don't even deserve consideration. Have you even heard Blind Guardian's mellower tracks? They betray . . . something, not good, I don't know what it is, but they prove to me a certain amount of *yawn* factor.

    Maiden and Priest are of course the exception to this out-of-hand dismissal. Knowing the rabid and widespread love for these bands, I listened and listened to them. And you know what? They fell right off the list. The stuff here is just better.

    If there's any pretension, it's a pretension to match the "this list sucks" kind of comment. I could do without that. Very few people have added any constructive criticism. Let's go down the list.

    Thechosenone asks a question

    I respond

    Anonymous: "this list sucks and I think all nu-metal bands are the same"

    Grim and True: constructive criticism

    I respond

    Furyofthestorm: "this list sucks and I'm a douchebag that says Dragonforce when I should have said Manowar"

    I respond

    Thehungry1 gives constructive criticism

    I respond

    Anonymous: "this list sucks for no apparent reason"

    Anonymous: "I have a really weird and narrow-minded opinion of what constitutes metal"

    Anonymous: "this list sucks and anything that gets popular must suck. I liked Slipknot, but when I found out that someone else had heard of them I stopped liking them. I should be an indie fag."

    I respond

    Anonymous gives constructive criticism

    Anonymous, with a very civil tone that I appreciate, criticizes the list

    I respond

    Anonymous: "this list sucks, but obviously I didn't read it so I wouldn't even know"

    I respond

    Anonymous: somewhat constructive criticism, but at least not insulting

    Domak does what I wished more people would do. He shares his own opinion (however more narrow than the list) without saying "this list sucks"
    I much appreciate his comment

    And then Domak does an "all the bands on this list suck". Too bad he didn't leave it at his first comment.

    I respond

    And then you insult me for narrow-mindedness and pretension. Thanks but no thanks. I don't need that. I don't mind the first part of your comment, because at least it expresses an opinion about the list. I doubt you'll find a broader variety of metal found on any other top 100 list compiled by one person. I would have loved to collaborate with others, but you see the level of thoughtfulness most people put into it. For example, a top 12 list where Megadeth, of all bands, appears 3 times, when they're just Metallica's retarded stepchild. Don't get me wrong, Megadeth is awesome, but compared to Metallica's heyday they're just a C+ effort.

  24. If you want to contribute to a new Top 100 Metal Songs list, go here and leave a comment.

  25. This list is bullshit holy fuck.

    Most of the ones you listed were piece of shit fucks with no talent and no connection to metal whatsoever.

    Holy fuck

  26. Why the hell did you make this list? It's a piece of garbage. None of these compare to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest?

    Quit being a poser and listen to Panic!at the fucking Disco.

  27. Oh, you're so cool. It's nice that you posted twice, using different names, to make it seem like more than one person is saying it.

    Instead of criticizing the list, go here and give me suggestions for a new one.

  28. You could've put something that's actualy metal instead of Johnny Cash he plays country if you didn't know that.

    I suggest if you were to make another list that you put some of the good metal artists there. Korn, Slipknot and Metallica were good to have up there though.

  29. I included Cash, Orff, and Zepp, not because they're actually metal, but because of the similarities that the songs I chose have with metal. I wanted to include them because they show a broader view of what metal could conceivably be and how metal could grow and evolve in the future.

    I'm glad you liked at least part of my list. I wish you'd let me know what you mean by "some of the good metal artists." As you can tell from the other comments here, that could mean a lot of different things. You could tell me by going to this page and leaving a comment.

  30. Triviums my fav metal band and WHY ARNT THEY ON THE LIST!!!

    And neither was In flames and trivium says their the best band of all time

  31. ohh yea and i forgot 2 add i can't even listen 2 slipknot 4 20 secshow can u listen 2 1 of heir songs 4 a day because theyre songs r so screwed up and all over the place and i listened 2 ur n0 2 and it was the biggest piece of c%#$& ive ever listened 2

    it gives me a headache and makes me want 2 throw up all over the computer

  32. All I can say is "Wow." This is by far the worst fucking list. Ever.

  33. Thanks for the constructive criticism.


    Like I've been saying, instead of pissing about this list, go here and suggest your favorites.

  34. '''I included Cash, Orff, and Zepp, not because they're actually metal, but because of the similarities that the songs I chose have with metal. I wanted to include them because they show a broader view of what metal could conceivably be and how metal could grow and evolve in the future.'''
    In that respect where's Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, etc etc .. note the title .. 'Top 100 metal songs' not top '95 metal songs and a couple here and there's'

  35. ok, first off covers are lame. A band shouldn't get on a list like this for something they didn't write. The grounds for getting on here should be technical talent and good lyrics. There are a bunch of songs on here because they sound angry. That's lame. Dragonforce should be on here because they have incredibly fast and complex guitar solos, and good vocals. Nu-metal shouldn't be here because its just basic riffs combined with angry and uninspired vocals. No talent or actual emotion is required, just a complete knowledge of profanity. Priest should be on here(listen to Hellrider, Metal Meltdown, Living After Midnight...) and Johny Cash shouldn't be; only metal bands aloud, ok? Also, Korn sucks. They look like they lost a bet and had to get their hair done like that. Their singer sounds gay. Their lyrics could be written by any angry dropout.

  36. I'll try to be constructive and I can appreciate you trying to widen the scope of metal. I appreciate you have tastes outside metal, that I can't and won't criticise. I'll tell you what I can't appreciate, shall I?

    You claim to have a wide taste in music, so help me god, you do. Half these bands I've never heard. But I really do take exception to your claim to have a wide taste in metal. I'm sorry if I'm criticising your taste, which I promised I wouldn't, but as a metal fan, I really can't see how Slipknot (# 78, 57, 2) and Korn(#93, 79, 55, 43, 23, 8) make it SO many times on your list, where not a single Black Metal, Death Metal or Power Metal band is included. And these are just the main branches of Metal today. Not one mate. You bring in some video game music to the top 100, but In Flames, CoB, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Immortal, Venom, Cannibal Corpse, where are they? The least you could do, is spread the distribution a bit more eh. I got tired of counting after seeing Rob Zombie more than twice.

    If you wanted to make a nu-Metal top 100, you have succeeded. It's definitely not my thing, in fact I hate the stuff (call me elitist, traditionalist, whatever), but I ain't gonna criticise you for that. But to call Johnny Cash (twice!) metal, just because "Soil play it at their concerts" does not make it metal.

    The fact that all but a handful of the bands mentioned in this top 100 only came to prominence in the 80s and 90s leads me to ask the question, did metal start in the 80s and 90s? Sure, you have a lot of Black Sabbath and Motorhead here, and kudos for that. Why not AC/DC? Why only one for Led Zep? Why no Deep Purple? Hendrix? Cream? Judas Priest, unforgivable in my opinion. These bands started metal. They may be rock by today's standards, but boy, in that day and age, they were heavy as f***. Heavy metal doesn't JUST mean downtuned guitars and scratchy records.

    I'll post my top ten in the other blog post in case I'm accused of not being constructive. You're absolutely right in saying metal is personal, taste is personal, therefore your top 100 is personal. Let's see what the other posters say. If you want to call Johnny Cash and Powerman 2000 metal, good on you. Me, my Master of Puppets cassette is stretched to breaking point, my South of Heaven cd is scratched beyond recognition and my Iron Maiden cds/cassettes are, well they're almost f***ed to be honest. That's my metal list.

  37. I forgot to add, if you don't mind me saying, I honestly think you made this list to piss people off. Correct me if I'm wrong :)

  38. No, sorry, I didn't make this list just to piss people off. and I thank you very much for your constructive criticism. You're one of the few.

    I've beat the Judas Priest/Iron Maiden thing to death, and yeah, they probably deserve to be on here but they've just never done it for me the way Sabbath does.

    AC/DC isn't on the list because they're more on the lines of party metal, laying the groundwork for such atrocities as Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, and Andrew WK. It also doesn't take a lot of talent to use the same three chords (more or less) in every one of your songs.

    Hendrix, Cream, and Led Zeppelin aren't really metal in my opinion. Missing "Smoke on the Water" was an oversight, and I apologize for that. There is a lot of black metal on here, but it's all Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. Venom's absence is again an oversight. The other ones you mention are more death metal, and I used to have something against death metal because the vocals seem intended to make you stop listening to it, but I've been giving it another shot and finding a lot I like, e.g. Death's The Sound of Perseverence, (and a lot I don't like).

    In re Puppets and South, I had the foresight to make copies of the CDs because I knew I would overplay them after just a few listens.

  39. This list is depressing for a number of reasons from least to greatest:

    #5 Using production as something that you use to rate. OMGWTF, talk about unfair. The newest songs will obviously have the best production

    while the older songs will obviously have the worst, this is simply stupid. Citizen Kane is considered the best movie ever and it was made in the 1930s; it's production values obviously aren't that the same level that X-Men 3 is, but why don't we go ahead and use production as a rating anyway?

    #4 You seem to be having some problems with classification. Besides the obvious issues like with O Fortuna and Johnny Cash, alot of these bands are barely metal. For example, Alice in Chains is more grunge than metal and is classified as grunge. Stuff like System of a Down is alternative rock and can't really be classified as anything, let alone metal. And stuff like White Zombie is more hard rock-ish..

    #3 The worst part of this is that you manage to put in stuff like that and somehow leave out some of the metal greats. Everyone has mentioned Iron Maiden and Judas Priest before , and there are number of other metal bands like Dio, Sepultura, Venom that deserved recognition that didn't get into your list while stuff like Danzig and Korn got in numerous times. Also, you fail to include rising acts like Helloween, In Flames, Lamb of God, Trivium etc. There are so many metal bands that deserved to make it into this list that you choosed to forego and instead put in 4-5 Korn, Slipknot, Danzig songs each among other bands.

    #2 Speaking of bands like Venom, your list needs some variety. You criticize others for slamming nu-metal and say that they should broaden their tastes beyond their preferred branch of metal whereas you should do the same. You fail to include ANY death metal, ANY progressive metal, or ANY power metal. Instead, practically half of your list is nu-metal. Cannibal Corpse, Venom, Death, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Iced Earth... do any of these bands ring a bell?

    #1 Your list sucks is the number one reason. I'm sorry, but it just does. While I recognize the influence on the genre that bands like Korn and Slipknot have had on current-day metal, by God, Slipknot does not deserve to be #2 on the list. It boggles my mind that "The Nameless" with it's repetitive power chords managed to make it as #2 on your list. And a cover? As #1? Jesus..

  40. For starters i am not sure why this is called 100 greatest metal songs where there isnt to many Metal songs on there. You have given reasons why Maiden and Priest are not on here but i still cant believe it, where as Johnny Cash is on here WTF? Another problem is the real lack of bands. Maiden, Priest(you have given reasons fair enough)Helloween they were part of the big 5 in the 80s, Iced Earth, Dream Theater, Blind Guardian, Manowar, Sonata Arctica, Gamma Ray, Edguy, i could really go on and onalso missing alot of death metal bands.

    The top 10 wouldnt and shouldnt be in any where close to the top 500 metal songs ever. Also way to much nu metal its not much good and yet it appears so much. I really think you have stuffed the top 10 spots up and number 1 a cover and medley WTF?

    Have another couple of tries at this and maybe you might get the idea. Also like someone said before i thought and still think its a joke.

  41. This is a very interesting top 100. I notice that you mention "Sandman" as your intro to metal. Bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were waning then - so I understand your excluding them - as well as your nu-metal inclusions. I am actualy struggling to appreciate nu-metal. . . I'm getting there slowly. . . but I keep lapsing back into the stuff I know and trust. Still "wait and bleed" is cool and I am currently acquiring all of Korn's material. And I really respect System of a Down (I suppose they're alternative metal or something). BYOB is original and their cover of "snowblind" is really novel. I also got all of Coal Chamber's stuff largely because of your list (I already had three of their songs "Fiend" "Loco" and "Sway" so I had an idea).

    Turning to your new list - and I realise that you are not in total control of what does or does not get on - (I posted my top ten the other day) I would just like to make a couple of points (opinions).

    Dream theater should probably get a song in the top 100 - they're not my favourite - but "Train of thought" is an impressive album - check out the aggression and emotion in "honour thy father". Also Opeth are barely mentioned. OK, they do take an effort to get into, but my God they are worth the effort.

    Trivium seem quite popular these days - but . . . well I have all of their material . . . but I find them disappointing. The Metallica thing has been done - even Metallica have stopped trying to sound like Metallica. In flames and Children of Bodom are both great. Lamb of God are good, but well . . . I just think Nile are better. . . again a bit harder to get into but I think that they are a band that should be considered. "Annihilation of the wicked" is an awesome album. I mention them because no-one else has which is a travesty IMO.

    Anyhow thanks for the list. I'm looking forward to the new list. Rock on.

  42. Hmmm . . . I may have to review my negative opinion of trivium. . . based largely on a listening of "the crusade" which I thought was rather generic, but I have just waded through "ascendency" and "ember to inferno" - I thought they were good albums!!! "to burn the eye" is a fascinating hybrid song that integrates thrash and a very fundamental blues riff - a cross between Slayer and Slade!!! very nice. Oh well, we live and learn.

  43. Ascendancy is definitely a good album. It's the only one of theirs I've listened to, and I think it's absolutely excellent, but I have heard that their other ones aren't even close.

  44. not bad, not bad, jeeese some of the people leaving comments are complete idiots, i probably would've put iron maiden and/or Priest, and there is no way that Cash is metal, but i agree that Ring of Fire is an exceptionally good song. Everyone has there own tastes and i would advise givers of non-constuctive criticism to shove it where the sun don't shine.
    The Orff thing was very interesting, i may just toddle off and buy that.....
    Over all godd list! maybe expand the bands a bit next time.

  45. hey i did the post above,just one more thing; i'm not a great metal fan and pretty much only like metallica, maiden and priest so i guess the "broadening your bands" comment was a tinsy winsy bit stupid, but i do no enough to know that Panic! are not metal (in response to jack o'shea/ anonymous'comment) and that you have extremely good taste, again well done and please forgive my shocking spelling.
    P.s. anonymous/jack o'shea was it really nessacery to swear so much, couldn't find a better adjective?

  46. wow...ring of fire is an awesome song but..a metal list...and in the top ten!?!?! Korn aswell i dont believe should have any affiliations with metal...

    Mercyful fate by metallica was the last song i expected to see on a top 100 metal song list. some songs that should have been in top ten:

    slayer - raining blood
    Megadeth - peace sells
    Arch Enemy - Ravenous
    At the gates - Slaughter of the soul

    also there a many branches of metal: Heavy,power,death,black,melodic,hair just to name a few. it would take a large amount of people with an immense knowledge of metal to compile a proper list. and of all the lists ive seen, this one is the most confusing.

  47. I saw some good songs on here to be sure, but as i saw in many other posts... it lacked the "underground" metal bands, and its true that the "christian" metal bands are often over looked. some bands who i would have liked to see on there might include:
    becoming the archetype
    shadows fall
    yngwie malmsteen
    living sacrifice
    judas priest
    i felt almost apalled there was NO mention of Dio, he is the founder of metal as we know it! try throwing up the metal horns in a world without him. ignorant people.... and if you are going to put the talentless bands such as static x(i love em, but talet) then you must not over look bands like figure four, hatebreed, madball, and haste the day.

  48. I am shocked...I have read the posts and one post stating that Iron Maiden is good but over rated!!!! WTF they are not over rated, they are Godfathers to Metal!!!! I saw Metallica all over...Old school Metallica yes but after Master of Puppets...they suck. You have some Slayer..what about Venom, Death, Dark Angel, Metal Church, Testament...You forgot some greats like WASP, KISS, PRIEST, DIO.....Yes this is your list and you have your hey you can say FU to be it....but your list is crap and thats my opinion.

  49. ok, i can see how this list is a top 100, for your opinion...i get a glimpse of what u listen to and after reading your intro i can somewhat understand a FEW of these choices. i personally like where u placed the pantera songs (my favorite band), but this list is actually a joke in my opinion. i mean half of these songs took almost no talent to make and/or play. i mean, chino morino can write some badassin lyrics, but he cant sing for shit when he is live. deftones plays the EASIEST riffs ever, they just sound cool but arent that great. sure they revolutionized the late 90s, especially the nu-metal genre, but of the vast amount of greatness out there, they don't belong in the top 100. i mean where is sepultura man? where is venom and dio? where is the talent? u gotta have a song with lyrics AND sound. half of these songs are the same riff over and over. some of it is even electronic synthesized shit...come on man...theres like 1 song in here
    with a guitar solo (an exaggeration). and u put St. Anger and KoRn's new shit on the list...that says enough right anger was the biggest sell-out piece of shit...proving why kirk hammett is not a great...he ran outta ideas with solos...fuckin dimebag has been in metal since 1981, EVERY cd had solos in it...i could say trivium can go on here, which they can't, because this list is also put together with the use of good vocals and lyrics. well trivium has a terrible vocalist...their new album is cool but not that great. i mean this list is definitely a let down. I can tell you put this list together off of the small portion of the metal that u have heard...i wont make a 100 list because i do not know enough of the metal world, there's way too much out there. but you really just embarassed yourself here man.

  50. i like the list, but i honestly dont think a cover should b the number one song, even though i adore metallica.

  51. You know what is missing from this list? 90 of the best metal songs ever. In order words, approximently 90% of this list is complete bullshit. Wow, what a horrible top 10 that was, great songs, but there is SO many better choices. This list should be called "some loser's 100 favorite metal songs" rather than "100 greatest metal songs."

  52. most of the people posting are ridiculous. they're giving you shit about being narrowminded, but almost every single one of them included the same bands. but your narrowminded, obviously. lol. i thought the list was good, even if a few of the songs might not go on there. but hey, it looks like it took a hell of a long time to make, so i'm really impressed. kudos.

  53. You know, up until the point where you mentioned Johnny Cash I had no objections. I'm sorry, but Johnny Cash is not, and probably never will be, metal. And just for the record, Nine Inch Nail's original version of "Hurt" owns Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt". Given that I haven't heard half of the songs on your list, I say that it's a pretty descent list.

    I'd say, overall it is a good list, take Johnny Cash off the list and I'd say it's perfect. I am in no position to object to any of the other bands you listed, though like I had mentioned earlier on in my post Johnny Cash is more rock n' roll than anything. I was going to criticize you for not putting Nine Inch Nails on the list - Trent Reznor is a genius and he is probably a legend in the making - until I noticed that NIN isn't really considered metal, they are more rock than metal.

    Nice list, there are few things I'd change, but like I said I really don't know enough about metal to truly be able to form a good list.

  54. Ok man, next time just label it "Top 100 'Mostly' metal songs I Like. When you create a list like this people expect something of quality. Metalheads tend to clash over things like this, the contention over your list is understandable. Mainly for the fact that you have left out a large amount of the best metal bands even though you had 100 songs to include. Over 100 songs you cant really afford to have more than 1 song by an artist, but you had several songs by several different bands. Namely; Metallica, Pantera, Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Slayer etc.

    How about; Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sepultura, Napalm Death, Led Zeppelin, Yngwie Malmsteen. Just to name a few.

    Anyway, I see you have been flamed plenty so I will let you off easy. As far as this being a definitive top 100 Metal Songs list goes, it doesnt even rate in the top 100,000 lists of Top 100 Metal songs. Sorry man.

  55. People have different tastes and different opinions. Some like one genre better and some like the other. I didn't think this LIST was complete bullshit....but its the RANKING that was not very impressive..given the fact that its called the TOP 100 "METAL" songs. Anyway..great effort from you..although...I totally disagree to what you've done here. I had done a similar list like this-The 100 Greatest Metal Songs Ever on my blog
    Do have a look and tell me your views.....cheers

  56. WTF!?!?! so so dissapointed

  57. who the hell puts slipknot as a #2 song. Any of their songs should be in at most in the 80s thru 70s section. And if yer gonna make a metal list thats mostly nuwave u could atleast include bands like smashing pumpkins or marilyn manson or even seether.

  58. So maybe "Top 100 metal songs" was a bad thing to call it. Maybe "My Top 100 Favourite Metal Songs" would hae suited it better. The thing with lists is ... people are always going to disagree due to personal opinion. It's human nature. Presonally I came here looking for some music to add to my collection, and I got that so I'm happy =D. As lists go, I think its a good list. But if someone is going to compile a top 100 metal list. it will take years to do and would be a project that someone or a team would have to be totally dedicated to. for one deciding what metal is ... and how your going to rate speed metal, power metal, nu metal, extreme metal, hardcore metal,etc. all against each other and if you can really compare these different types of metal to each other or whether they would need their own lists. Well done with your personal list and your arguement for each one. Must have taken a hell of a lot of time and effort. Rock on Dudette \m/

  59. OK you claim to want diversity in your list. That would be a good idea so don't have 11 metalica songs, like 6 bands make up half yopur list. "Stairway to heaven" is one of Zepps least medal like songs, Johnny Cash is country without a trace of metal. Hendrix Deep purple, Blue Cheer and Cream have way more metal in them.
    What about Cinderella, Winger, Twisted Sister, Scorpions, or other obvious bands which others have already mentioined.
    Maybe consult other lists before making your own.
    These songs are not top metal songs, just your favorite as you have already mentioned sp call it "My favorite 100". Only the state of Nebraska would give souch a narrow minded, ignorant, and arrogant person a license to practice law. Plaese proffread your next list so you don't have to apologize for omisions that belong in the top 10.
    Finally don't bother to post an insecure response about how i'm not enlightened like you because I will never read this list or comments again.
    I am glad that you do know and stickup for your favorite 100 songs though because they're nowhere near most other peoples.

  60. look, honestly, you're list isn't a very good metal one. It's a list of your favourite songs. But there is so much crap here, I'm not doing this to argue, it's just you're full of yourself and unknowledgable. Even though I don't like dragonforce too much, they are a fantastic british metal band, that kick the arse of Korn and shitknot. Btw, Led Zeppelin is the down of metal. Electric blues. Just because you like nu metal, doesn't mean, old metal isn't true metal. And as much as I love cash, it's not metal, you really are absurd. Btw Up the Irons!! Nu Metal shit sucks.

  61. holy shit

    thats all there is to say, like what the fuck? obviously if one person is going to make a lis of 100 songs, its going to be biased. Especially in a genre like metal, where the is so many branches, nu-, black, death, heavy, power, extreme, viking, etc. so she favours certain branches, so what? i challenge any one of you to make a list that people arent going to disagree with. then when you break down crying after 7 songs and six months because you really dont know fuck all, youll see what she went through to make this. and if you do manage to pump out the list, "best 100 metal songs of all time" be ready for the hellfire from metal heads. While i think some shouldnt have been on there, primarily Cash, and some should have been there, like maiden and priest, i give her ultimate props on this list.

    I dont see why people complain about the number of times certain bands are mentioned. If u made a list, your favourite band would appear the most would it not? Dont bull shit that you could be fair and honest, and not have a repeat band. some tard wrote a top 12 list in their objection, and megadeth appeared 3 times!! thats 25ish times on a top 100!! and they are far from the best metal band ever. so dont feed me the fucking bull shit that you could do it better. just fucking say what u think should and shouldnt be on there, no need to insult.

    bottom line is, u cant do it any better yourself, id like to see you try. it takes panels of people to make one of these lists, and still people argue. so sure, u guys that have the problems with the list, go make a panel, try to make a list, and when u all have temper tantrums like u have been in the posts, go home and suck on ur mommas tit shes the only one that might just tell u what u want to hear...that your list is just perfect

    again, props on the list, and dont worry about what some of the fuck heads have to say


    Here's the list I had done a while ago. Please have a look when you get the time.

  63. Don't let most of these idiots fool you. You made a great list. I think that some others should have been included, but if you included everybody's favorite metal song, the list would never end.

    Great list...

  64. You left IRON MAIDEN

  65. WTF is this??? 100 TOP metal songs? all i see is 100 NU metal CRAPS!

    and metal core.. btw, lamb of god is the only good metal core! u dont eat rice to grow up this stupid right? your list is nothin but CHEAP.

    you left out dream theater, impaled nazarene, children of bodom, pantera have better song - day in black, (btw korn slipknot sucks), rage against the machine, megadeth, motorhead, nightwish, norther, ozzy osbourne, xandira, finntroll, arch enemy, black label society, black sabbath, DARK TRANQUILITY, dimmu borgir and those big names..

    oh, and shadows fall.. long dreadlocks doesnt make a band a good metal.. they have nice songs but looks at the chords.. barre chords...

    btw, this is not an insult but to open your eyes.. look outside the box.. and iam not metalhead or crazy good in metal.. just a fan..

  66. I just have to everyone has their own opinons and everyone is going to discree with a list that is like this simply because everyone has different tastes.

    But WELL DONE for taking the time and effort for making it and also putting in WHY it should be there.


    Again well done with the list



  67. look this isnt a great list and i wouldnve said anything till i read your comments. i was annoyed that you didnt put the greatest band of all time in; Iron Maiden but i wasnt shattered. till you said they are over rated. Maiden is a bloody part of metal wouldnt be metal without Maiden. you've got gay crap bands on their like KoRn and evacrapnence but you left out one of the metalest bands of all time, shame on you. go slap yourself

  68. This is so fucking stupid. You shouldn't having included a bunch of bitch ass shit like Johnny Cash and some other bullshit. I don't even consider Korn being metal. You say that Judas Priest doesnt really have that many good songs. Thats bullshit, because their version of "The Ripper" is still the best. You also can forget "You Got Another Thing Comin" and "Breakin' The Law." You also need to put some more Megadeth, you know, Symphony of Destruction, Angry Again, Countdown to Extinction, Peace Sells. All of those songs fuckin kick ass. I think that you need to find a different type of music to listen to, cause ur makin metal look like shit!!!! FUCK YOU!!!

  69. You are an idiot

  70. great job man! u probably busted ass doing this and you hadda lot of good stuff too. im glad you left those certain bands off too. I agree 100% with that choice

  71. Even though I'm going to reiterate what many say the truth is that this "top ten" let alone the "top 100 metal songs" is very narrowed down and as one user commented, only part of the larger spectrum. Only until you examine each colour in the entire spectrum can you make judgement like this, especially if it's one person.

    I'm also one to say that if metal's greats are not in the list then what validity does this list have? Plain and simple, Maiden and Priest built some metal temples of their own to which we all owe our thanks to. And I doubt that "kelly" has actually listened to Maiden or Priest albums because if she did then she would know of instant great sounding music.

    However, with the mainstream stuff here trying to capitalize on a popular formula that our metal gods have been pretty much been doing (not by a formula though) since day one is sad. Very true metalheads know and also have maturity to the subject too and so they must approach this with respect.

    I hope in the future that "kelly" would be able to actually listen to many of the bands in the past and compare them with those of today. Honestly, I have to say that a lot of new stuff is headed in a different direction but it's a good one. Since it's different than those of our metal gods comparison between the two is awkward and so precidence must be given to one or the other but only with a valid reason.

    Personally I listen to metal for its guitar influence but I don't listen to nu-metal because it just puts silly tunes in your head. Of course I want my music to be heavy but for technicality the greats is the way to go and those who have built up their repetoire upon those techniques and then you can come up with the next big thing.


  72. i can see u put alot of time into this, so i dont think u deserve the verbal bashing but i think you could have included a few more different styles of metal. some trivium would have been good too.

  73. What ever happened to Master of Puppets? I certainly believe that should be near the top, or on it, not this crap Metallica made to keep the band alive!

  74. I appreciate how much time you spent on this it must have taken a long time.

    I disagree with this list very strongly but thats far from saying it sucked. I thought you were to skewed towards nu-metal and I think you should probably call it your favourite 100 metal songs as the list is nowhere near comprehensive.

    I was very suprised at the megadeth choice you made over hangar 18, holy wars... the punishment is due and tornado of souls but that is your own opinion.

    I recommend as I do to everyone going onto and checking out some of the metal there. I personally think you should invest in Train Of Thought - Dream Theater as although they may not be a metal band as such that is definately a metal album.

    I thought your description of the songs and defence was well done so my compliments to you there.

  75. I in no way endorse this as an acceptable list of Top 100 Songs. The only way to label this list is Top 100 songs that I currently dig. If you don't have Iron Maiden or Judas Priest in this list while a Static X and Korn and even DOWN (LOLOLOL) is on here, then you obviously don't know about real metal. Alice in Chains IS not Metal. I honestly have a headache from trying to comprehend how you couldn't see what sort of contributions Iron Maiden and Judas Priest have given to the Metal world. IE The Trooper, Aces High, Power Slave, Turbo Lover, The Ripper, Some Heads are Gonna Roll, Private Property etc etc etc.

    I recommend you check out some Halford. He is undeniabely the best Metal Vocalist.

    I didn't see if you posted any Dio because I got to about 61 or so and had to stop because there was far too much PURE-SHIT to take in.

  76. i'll say that this is a solid list...i like the fact you showed love 2 metallica, slipknot, korn, black label society (Zakk Wylde is fuckin awesome) sabbath, pantera and friends. Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were great but i understand why one wouldn't put em' on their list (shit i love painkiller and the trooper) this list inspired me to download some of the songs i havent heard of. You can also make a case for Killswitch Engage, OLD linkin park, OLD Atreyu but overall the list was great...FMA likes what she likes...keep rockin'

  77. I really liked your list, especially the Cash and George t-good, I understood that, and agreed wholeheartedly. I would have to leave my 2 suggestions for the top-10. Somewhere on there should be "Hollow" by Pantera. A haunting, honest look into the lives they led followed by one of Dimebag's most intense jams. And the other would be "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth. Like it or not, it was a very influential song, and although Megadeth purists disagree-I think it's some of their best and most-polished work. When I think of metal, that song invouluntarily jumps into my mind and starts playing.

  78. Wow I'm highly offended that you would compile such a terrible list on my birth day. You say your list is diverse, and it is in terms of what you consider metal, but you rely on many of the same bands for your songs. Plus, much of your list is nu-metal, the bastardization of metal... so you have that going against you.

    You included one Megadeth song... but from their worst release ever! Risk came long after they released the music which made them famous. If they released Risk as their first album they could not possibly have achieved the success they're known for today. You were right to include Metallica, but again, you chose the wrong songs. The only songs by Metallica which are eligible to be called Metal come of their first 4 albums. Yes, even the highly acclaimed Enter Sandman fails to be metal.

    The big 4 of thrash have to be feature on such a list. Also, you have no Death metal nor Black metal.WTF? Stop listening to the radio and start listening to metal. Just because you include bands that clearly aren't metal and you justify it to yourself, but no one else, doesn't mean that your list is diverse. Even worse than failing to be diverse, it lets everyone know what shitty taste in music you have. Rob Zombie? Korn? Evanescence? lol I hope you find refuge in hearing that you have good taste in music from others with similar taste. Also, I'm glad you're making a new list; it admits to your being wrong on the matter. I won't be contributing to it however, because you're simply irreconcilable if you try to ammend your list with the likes of Trivium.

  79. Worst. List. EVER. Seriously, Slipknot, Korn, Drowning Pool, Disturbed, etc. are NOT Metal. And Pantera are probably the worst actual Metal band ever. "Every self respecting Metal fan needs a copy of "Korn" WHAT THE FUCK? Uggh. You are a disgrace to Metal heads everywhere.

  80. Yea you've got to learn what metal is... Here are some awesome bands/artists listed that are NOT metal.

    Here are some terrible bands that are also NOT metal
    Disturbed (im pretty sure it was on there)
    New Metallica
    Rob Zombie

    The above and others like it constitute 85% of the list... Where is the Power Metal? Death? Prog? Black? Cause all I see is what MTV calls metal.

    I would like this to be taken as constructive criticism, mainly just to broaden your tastes. Because at the current point, this list should be titled "my 100 favourite songs"

  81. one of the worst lists i have ever seen.
    about 90% of the artists on this list are "nu-metal" which most people do not consider metal. black metal, death metal, thrash metal and classical metal do not really appear. another 5% of the songs here are absurdities like johnny cash which are not metal in any bodies book. yes, these songs talk about pain but so do nursery rhymes and the communist internationale, are they metal too?
    despite all that, even the songs themselves are horrid. a mercyful fate cover at 1#?????

  82. this is a shit!!! U are a offense to real metal!! U need to tune your ears to hear the art in the music! Some songs are 100% pussy comercial crap, and 70% of the songs are far from decent metal. This is the worst metal list that i have never seen

  83. I think it is honorable that you went to this amount of effort to make a list of the "Top 100 Metal Songs", however you should have called it "My top 100 metal songs (including some non metal and covers). As your number one you have a Metallica song that is a cover of a mediocre at best song created by another metal band. To me that is more than a little disappointing, and as for the inclusion of Johnny Cash ring of fire, and in your top ten ... that speaks for itself. I think its fine for people to demonstrate their opinions and justify their thoughts; you obviously went to a lot of trouble to do so. And as has been mentioned the diverse nature and enormity of what is included in the genre of metal is as vast the bands and people who subscribe to the pleasure that it brings. There is a fine line between what is interpreted as metal and what is not and should not be. People will continue to argue this point, and my advice is to broaden ones outlook and listen to as much music as you can, while you can and then formulate opinions utilizing your ever growing knowledge and outlook in regards to the genre.

    Back to Johnny cash…. What were you thinking, you could have included Nine Inch Nails “Hurt”, that would have been somewhat reasonable it’s a great song, but you went for a cover performed by a country music legend…. I will not deny that I enjoyed his cover and thought it was well done and a unique selection by “cash” but to call this METAL is completely unjustified, it defies logic and reasoning.

    I will say that I enjoyed reading this list even if I struggled to understand how you could have selected a lot of songs and bands that you did whilst completely ignoring some major influences in the genre. As I have stated earlier if this list was titled “My 100 Top Metal Songs” it would have been more accurate and understandable, and would not have warranted most of the negative impact that you have received in regards to this.

    Thanks for reading. Cheers, Anton

  84. Hi there. This is definitely an interesting list. Like many I'm surprised to see the omissions from this list but I guess there's good reason for it. As for Priest/Maiden etc, I feel it is a mistake to omit something of theirs. Speaking as a 45-year-old who grew up with metal, when I first heard Priest & Maiden I was blown away, they really need to be heard in the context of what was around at the time. For those that feel the list is "shit" you should realise that it is inevitable that the bands that follow on from and build on the base of the founders of metal will do it better. If this list was "100 most influential" metal songs, then this would be a poor list. But since its "100 best" then its bound to have a lot of nu-metal. A list of 100 best cars of all time wouldn't have a Ford T on it, because it was crap in comparison to cars like the Bugatti Veron, no matter how influential it was...
    I found this list looking for ideas for tracks to play at a metal "disco" I'm hosting, and as quirky and highly personal as this list is, its given me lots to think about. Thanks Kelly.

  85. This isn't too bad of a list, but it's not that great either.

    Like some others, I agree that Iron Maiden and Judas Priest should be on the list. You argue that they're 'over-rated', but you've still got Metallica on the list. Overall, most of their best songs aren't posted here. It seems like you just picked more unknown songs to make your list more unique. But hey, that's just how I see it.

    Anyways, despite the missing bands and songs, there are a few ones listed here I wasn't aware of before reading this list.

    (Wow, I'm really late commenting on this!)

  86. no in flames? opeth?
    terrible list man...can't believe you have nu metal garbage like static x and coal chamber on here.

  87. Good list. It had some far outs in there, but like you said, every list will. Many of the bands on here are excellent choices, and while i might have chosen different songs (to each their own), the list features a very wide variety of metal. If I was you I might have thrown in some Arch Enemy, CoB, Macabre, Rammmstein, and possibly some Manson. But all in all great lists.

  88. i enjoyed the list it was a little different, i mean you did exclude classics but that is your choice. i agree that bands like trivium one of favs should have been added but you can't make a perfect list by yourself.

    I just wanted to say to all these fucking concieted pricks that think there opionon is so much better than everyone elses.

    He is something for you to think about FUCK YOUR OPINION cause maybe i don't give the smallest shit what you think. Stop ragging on her because she posted her opinion you think you can do better go through the fucking work and do it yourselves you fucking lazy pieces of shit.

    Thanks for the list and the hard work even if some narrow minded Elitist pricks can comprend someone elses ideas.

  89. I wish you guys would shut up, this list kicks ass!!

  90. Hey dip shits look at the bottom, the list is cut off into sections...

  91. Well first off great work on the list... It is amazing and Im sure was very time consuming and, im sure, there were many times you were fighting with yourself as which song was "better". It was nice to see SOAD cut your list as they are amongst my favorite bands, however im am still in awe there were no Maiden songs... In your opinion, which is respected, you didnt see any of their song fit to be a top 100. But most bands on your list look up to Maiden - so obviously there must have been good material to make a top 100 list... Not trying to talk smack like most over ignorant people, but I would think there would be a few Maiden songs that would be put in there (and for me in the top 10). I dont want to single out any songs, but 'Hallowed be thy name' is arguably THE BEST metal song... Respectively in my opinion again. But great job nonetheless.

  92. would just like to make mention that the plain and simple fact of these "top X Lists" is that everyone has their own opinion and i still believe everyone is entitled to it, now i would have had a different list but that doesn't mean to say this one is wrong. That just says we have different tastes, and just a message for all you lot who have come in here to insult this guy about his choices, make your own list, post it, and see how many objections you get. The fact is that there will never be a list of top metal or hip hop or dance or frikkin accordion music that everyone agrees with....get over it, dont like the list, make your own!!!

  93. wtf. Shittest list ever but I guess your opinion. Metalica, Korn, Judas Priest and cmon Iron Maiden is not fucking overrated ever heard of Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Trooper. And instead you put in Ring of Fire haha what a joke.

  94. Decent list.... but you're missing mnemic, ekotren, mg71, and even mushroomhead. Even though I can understand why they're there, Cash, Zeppelin and Danzig need to go. And where is the cradle of filth and 5fdp?

  95. Khaotik Embrace1:53 AM, July 01, 2009

    For those of you bashing awesome bands like Static-X, Korn, Slipknot, etc. Eff Yu!k? They're what's considered nu-METAL, still ITS METAL! There are different kinds of metal like you elitist morons should know. And saying angry high school drop outs could make these lyrics? Go for it, try it yourself. Let's see you become rich and famous and have MILLIONS of fans. Who's the idiot now?

  96. korns a bunch of crap, i tried listening to freak on a leash and he started making some crazy ass sounds. i agree with everything on there except for korn and jonnycash. i mean jonny cash is alright but i dont think he belongs in this list. also the #1 should be changed to another 1 of metallicas songs, what ever u people may think metallica blow iron madden and judas priest back to pre-school