Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wasp Sting

First off, you can listen to Hypnotize on
I've also had some real issues with my file server. It deleted my f**ing account.

The Wasp

I went to Popeye's this afternoon, and came back to the law school with my drink. I had set it down, and was talking to some of the guys about the scope of federal power under the Commerce Clause. I picked up my drink, put the straw in my mouth, and sucked in . . .

I immediately spit it out, but it stung the roof of my mouth with reflexes that are apparently slightly faster than those of my own . . .

(By the way, this is from a really cool samurai movie called Samurai Assassin. If you like mindless martial arts movies, this is for you.)
Needless to say, this hurt like hell. Luckily I'm not very allergic. I stomped on it, but it was in some wood chips and apparently I didn't kill it. I went inside to put some cold water in my mouth, and in the meantime Jon burned it to death much in the style of the Angel of Death, meting out divine retribution.

I skipped out on Constitutional Law as a result of this (1:00 p.m.) and went to get some Benadryl and Aleve. I had never taken Benadryl before, so I thought that I would be feeling good enough to make it to Individual Income Tax (3:10 p.m.). Alas, it was not meant to be. The Benadryl knocked me unconscious within a half hour. That stuff is more potent than my favorite drug, but not as much fun.

So, from now on, I will look before I drink when outside. And if I see a wasp, then God help us all . . .


  1. One of the best blogs entries I've ever seen...It's like a picture book morality tale...

    Well done!

  2. Thanks very much. If you like that, you're going to love the abortion discussion I just posted.

  3. an entertaining post! you have great talent at writing ... and you have an ease about you.

    if you don't end up in litigation...or maybe later when you wanna slow down a little, from your life...i hope you find yourself teaching, because you are wonderful at getting your point across.

  4. Catnapping is very encouraging to me. Thanks, but I don't know if I can handle students. When I was in high school I thought to myself, "You know, being an elementary teacher would suck because I don't have the patience, but being a high school teacher would be okay because the students are almost like adults." Then I got to college and high school kids began to annoy me. Then I had the idea, "You know, high school kids are annoying, but college students are adults, so maybe it would be okay to teach them." But by the end of my fourth year freshmen started to annoy me, and now in grad school all undergrads annoy me, so I'm going to try to avoid having any similar thoughts about us law students. It might turn out that we're just as bad (although I doubt it).

    At any rate, if I decided to do something different in the twilight years of my life then I think I would go to seminary. I'd be the only pastor in town that listens to Slipknot and Slayer :)